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PVSD Develops New Comprehensive Plan
Every three years, school districts are required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to create a comprehensive plan. The plan, which is data-driven and research-based, is meant to facilitate collaboration and communication, promote shared practices and resources, and ensure that all district stakeholders are aware of and are working toward common goals. In short, a comprehensive plan helps "set the course" for the district over the next three years.

Perkiomen Valley School District has completed a new comprehensive plan, which was approved by the School Board and the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) in fall of 2018. The plan was developed over a period of several months by a Steering Committee made up of School Board members, administrators, teachers, parents, students and community members who contributed to the creation of various overarching components of the plan, such as the mission statement and vision. Smaller subcommittees were formed to address the four plan components of special education, professional education, safe and supportive schools, and teaching and learning. 

Please click through the buttons on the right to learn more about the components of our Comprehensive Plan. Our existing comprehensive plan has also been posted for reference.
New Mission and Vision Statements ....
For approximately one year, our Steering Committee, Administrative Team, and other stakeholder groups worked diligently to develop a new draft mission and vision statement.  After brainstorming sessions, draft mission statements were composed, and then revised several times after receiving input from students, staff, community members, administrators, and School Board members.  The current version of the mission and vision statements, and tagline are shown below.