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School Performance Profile

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School Performance Profile (SPP) - What Is It?

The School Performance Profile (SPP) is the measure by which schools in Pennsylvania are held accountable for student academic performance. According to the state, the School Performance Profile is meant to serve several purposes:
  • Provide a building level score for teachers, as part of the Educator Effectiveness System.
  • Provide parents with performance measures for the school/district of residence, neighboring schools/districts, and schools/districts across the state.
  • Inform the public of the academic performance measures of each district, school, comprehensive career and technical center, cyber charter and charter school in Pennsylvania.
  • Use as a tool to inform goal-setting, planning and resource allocation to improve student achievement.
The SPP was developed and based on research and best practice, as well as feedback received through focus groups held across the state. It is meant to be a more comprehensive system of evaluating district and school performance because it is based on a number of indicators beyond PSSA (Pennsylvania System of Assessment) scores. For more information district SPP scores and what the SPP measures, please see the links at right.

PV's SPP Scores Over the Years

To see how PVSD has performed over the years School Performance Profile Data were collected, please click on the links below, or visit the state's SPP site (accessible via the orange button below).

PVSD Scores 2015-16
PVSD Scores 2014-15 (no SPP due to one-year waiver from the state)
PVSD Scores 2013-14
PVSD Scores 2012-13