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Viking Statue Fundraiser

Perkiomen Valley School District’s Viking mascot has been a symbol of school pride for 50 years and plans 
are currently underway to raise money to
viking front drawing
construct and install a Viking statue to be on permanent display.

The district is pleased to announce it will be working with Dumay Gorham, a North Carolina-based artist who specializes in custom metal sculpture, to create a bronze statue based on a design by Perkiomen Valley High School art teacher, Robert Libby. The two will work together over the coming months to finalize plans for a Viking that will stand outside the high school and no doubt become a selfie-worthy site for years to come. 
The initiative to raise funds for this permanent statue began about a year ago, with an initial fundraising goal of $85,000. However, as costs, timeline, and the fundraising pace became more defined, the district decided to research ways in which to reduce overall project costs through changes in artistic design, materials and more. With Mr. Gorham on board and further refinements to the project, the cost is now estimated at $60,000. So far, approximately $7,500 has been raised.

The district needs to raise at least $15,000 by the fall in order to engage Mr. Gorham’s services.

“We are excited about partnering with Mr. Gorham to build our Viking statue, and we are looking forward to engaging our community in this effort to install a permanent work of art on our high school campus that
viking side drawingwill stand as a symbol of Viking pride for many years,” said Tom Komp, Art Department Chairperson and leader of the Viking statue fundraising initiative. “We hope everyone with a tie to our district will consider making a contribution to this project so that we can see it through to completion.” 

Contributions to the fundraiser can be made online at https://perkiomen.revtrak.net/pvsd-viking-statue-donation-group/ (a 2.49% service fee is applied). Donations can also be sent by a form and check. Download the form by going to pvsd.org, selecting the “About” tab and then selecting “Viking Statue Fundraiser.”

To learn more about Mr. Gorham, please visit: http://www.dumaygorham.com/ To stay abreast of the Viking statue fundraising initiative, like @vikingstatue on Facebook or follow @PvStatue on Twitter. 



All donations are tax deductible.

Want to Help?
Tom Komp

TOP 10 Class Donations
 as of 9/01/2019

  1. Class of 2018 - $1,228.00
2. Class of 1978 - $ 800.00
3. Class of 2011 - $ 575.00
 4. Class of 1994 - $  340.00
Class of 1978 - $  300.00
 6. Class of 2026 - $  250.00
 7. Class of 2029 - $  250.00
 8. Class of 2006 - $  200.00
 9. Class of 2020 - $  195.00
  10. Class of 2012 - $  160.00