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This year at Perkiomen Valley we continue to be dedicated to "Doing School Differently"!  What does it mean to engage and empower students?  Why should we think about classroom instruction differently?  These are the critical questions we are discussing with our staff.  Our Curriculum Review and Professional Development are also focused on this area and will be tied to District Goals.  We are also continually connecting our practices to the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

Full Day Kindergarten Review Committee
This year, a study will be conducted under the leadership of our Curriculum and Instruction team to investigate the idea of full day kindergarten for all students. A committee will be formed to understand the purpose, need, potential costs, and planning of such an implementation. Committee meetings have focused on the purpose and scope of committee work and research review.  The next meeting is scheduled for January 16 @ 6:30 pm.  Would you like to participate on this committee? If so, please inform Mrs. Laurie Smith,, of your interest.  You can also stay informed of the progress of the committee by visiting the "Full Day Kindergarten Review" page linked the right.

Elementary Family Literacy Night
On November 29, K-5 families attended our first Family Literacy Night.  The evening was filled with literacy activities with a SUPERHERO theme!  Our goal was to cultivate a LOVE for literacy and build lifelong readers and writers.  A huge thank you to everyone who attended, especially the teachers, staff, and students who planned and participated in the event.  Celebrity guest readers, such as High School Football players, and Dr. Sacks were present to share their favorite stories with students.  There was even a therapy dog, plus the book swap!  Everyone had a great night!

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Our Team
Our team supports teachers across the district with a focus on enriching and supporting teaching and learning opportunities.  We provide professional development for staff on various topics aligned to District Goals and support the Curriculum Review Process.  But most importantly we collaborate with staff on instructional practices.  

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