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This year at Perkiomen Valley we continue to be dedicated to empowering our students to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally!  What does it mean to engage and empower students?  Why should we think about classroom instruction differently?  These are the critical questions we are discussing with our staff.  Inclusion is also a focus for this coming school year.  Our Curriculum Review and Professional Development are focused on these areas and will be tied to District Goals.  We also continually connect our practices to the Danielson Framework for Teaching.

September 2019 Teaching & Learning Updates

 K-8 STEAM Night ~ March 17, 2020
Mark your Calendars!  We've have had many successful Curriculum Family Nights at Perkiomen Valley, such as Pirate Math Night, Super Hero Literacy Night, and Cat in the Hat STEM Night.  This year, we are planning a K-8th grade STEAM Night with a Harry Potter theme!  Students and families can participate in educational and fun activities.  Stay tuned for more details!

Elementary Special Areas

This year, we are looking forward to providing our elementary students with a new opportunity, an Elementary Wellness course. This course will support instruction in the areas of physical and mental health, as well as social and emotional skills. We are excited about moving ahead with this instruction, which will become part of our special area programming. The full curriculum for this course can be found on the Wellness & Special Area Review webpage, which is linked to the right.

We are also excited about involving parents and guardians in the discussion that will continue this year related to all special area programs. In order to offer Elementary Wellness, we must take some time from other special area programs, such as Art, Music, Explorations, Physical Education, Library and Spanish. We intend to make a careful evaluation of all special area programs in the year to come, and will seek parental input so we can learn what is valued in our community.

A portion of this year will be spent reviewing each of the elementary special areas. District staff will present information and research about each area over several meetings and there will be opportunities for discussion. This review, in conjunction with feedback from the Wellness course implementation, will assist in making decisions for future elementary special area programming. We look forward to some rich discussions in the months to come as we strive to offer meaningful instructional opportunities for our students. You can stay informed regarding the work of this committee by checking the Wellness & Special Area Review webpage, linked to the right.

Our Team
Our team supports teachers across the district with a focus on enriching and supporting teaching and learning opportunities.  We provide professional development for staff on various topics aligned to District Goals and support the Curriculum Review Process.  But most importantly we collaborate with staff on instructional practices.  

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