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Wellness & Elementary Special Area Review

In the 19/20 school year, we provided our elementary students with a new opportunity, an Elementary Wellness course. This course supports instruction in the areas of physical and mental health, as well as social and emotional skills. We are excited about this instruction, which has become part of our special area programming.

History ~ Based upon feedback from school principals and review of district wide data in regards to health and social, emotional wellness, we began to explore the possibility of adding instruction in this area for our elementary students. Many stakeholders were involved in the discussions and presentations surrounding this topic (which can be found on the Education Committee webpage). Throughout the 18/19 school year, the curriculum for the Elementary Wellness course was developed and decisions were made to determine how to incorporate this learning into our existing special time in the elementary schedule. For the 19-20 year, all students in Kindergarten through 5th grade received 12 lessons in Health & Wellness. Curriculum topics include:

* Social Awareness

* Responsible Decision Making

* Self Awareness

* Self Management

* Relationships Skills

* Nutrition

* Age Appropriate Drug Information

* Health & Safety

* Safe & Unsafe Practices

Resources to support the curriculum were reviewed and identified to support instruction in the identified concepts.

Discussions continued in 19/20 related to all special area programs. In order to offer Elementary Wellness, we must take some time from other special area programs, such as Art, Music, Explorations, Physical Education, Library and Spanish. A careful evaluation of all special area programs was conducted during the 19/20 school year to seek parental input and learn what is valued in our community.

A committee was formed of various stakeholders to conduct a review of all elementary special areas. District staff presented information and research about each area over several meetings and there were opportunities for discussion. This review, in conjunction with feedback from the Wellness course implementation, assisted in making decisions for future elementary special area programming.

For the 20/21 school year, it was determined to increase Wellness programming from 12 to 15 lessons per year, by reducing Spanish programming from 30 to 15 lessons. We continue to consider avenues to strengthen and evaluate our current Wellness programming, with a goal of increasing this programming in future years.

Progress on the work of the Special Areas committee is posted below.

Elementary Special Area Review Committee
Agendas, Presentations, and Notes will be posted below for each meeting.
Meeting Dates:
September 4, 2019 ~ High School Cafeteria @ 6:00 pm
    AGENDA:  Committee Purpose & Roles, Timeline & Action Steps, Special Area Activity
    PRESENTATION:  09/04/19 Committee Meeting
    NOTES:  09/04/19 Committee Notes

September 25, 2019 ~ Middle School East Library @ 6:00 pm
     AGENDA:  Explorations and Music Presentations
     PRESENTATION: 09/25/19 Committee Meeting (includes Explorations & Music Presentations & Research Links)
     NOTES:  09/25/19 Committee Notes

November 6, 2019 ~ High School Library @ 6:00 pm
     AGENDA:  Library & Spanish Presentations
     PRESENTATION: 11/6/19 Committee Meeting (includes Library & Spanish Presentations & Research Links)
     NOTES:  11/6/19 Committee Notes

December 3, 2019 ~ Middle School East Library @ 6:00 pm
     AGENDA:  Art & Physical Education Presentations
     PRESENTATION:  12/3/19 Committee Meeting (includes Art & Physical Education Presentations & Research Links)
     NOTES:  12/3/19 Committee Notes

January 8, 2020 ~ HS Library @ 6:30 pm
     AGENDA:  Counseling Presentation & Survey Development
     PRESENTATION:  1/8/20 Committee Presentation (includes Counseling Presentation)
     NOTES:  1/8/20 Committee Notes
February 6, 2020 ~ HS Library @ 6:30 pm
     AGENDA:  Health & Wellness Presentation & Survey Development
     PRESENTATION:  2/6/20 Committee Presentation (includes Health & Wellness Presentation)
     NOTES:  2/6/20 Committee Notes

 February 26, 2020 - Education Committee Meeting @ 6:30 pm in the HS Library (Presentation and Notes)
* Please reference the current curriculum guides for each elementary special area below.  These guides were created with input from district staff and are intended to outline the learning targets and standards covered in each course.