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Curriculum Review Cycle

The Curriculum & Instruction department supports the District mission through the continual review of curriculum and instructional practices.  We strive to empower our staff through their involvement in and ownership of the review cycle. The Curriculum Review Cycle at Perkiomen Valley School District involves four phases.  Each phase has an identified purpose and includes appropriate stakeholders. The entire process moves through the review of the existing curriculum, professional development on best practices, and the identification of resources.  Upon completion of the process, a complete curriculum guide will be written for each course and any necessary resources will be identified, both for School Board approval. The cycle also includes an implementation phase to monitor and support staff.  Descriptions of each phase, including action steps, can be found by clicking the link for each phase.

The Phases

It is necessary for each curricular area to be reviewed periodically in order to ensure alignment to standards, review of current research, and utilization of modern resources.  The PV Curriculum & Instruction Department has developed a review cycle to track each curricular area and plan for future review of each area.
Curriculum Guides
As each curriculum is reviewed and approved by the School Board, the Curriculum Guide will be posted below.