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Digital Citizenship & Cyber Civility

Digital Citizenship: the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use (

Cyber Civility:
using social media and other digital tools in a responsible, respectful manner that allows individuals to communicate freely and share ideas without the threat of intimidation, harassment or abuse (MCPS TaskForce on Cyber Civility 2014)

Here in PVSD, the focus on developing our students' digital skills and using technology resources appropriately is ongoing. Our schools are committed to educating our students about Digital Citizenship.

There are opportunities to learn more about digital citizenship through our 21TLC broadcast from Tuesday, November 15, 2016. Please access the video below to view the full discussion, which featured several middle school students and Mrs. Barb Quintangeli, Middle School West librarian, along with Mr. Walt Silver, technology teacher at Schwenksville Elementary.


Students in grades K- 8 grades will engage in Digital Citizenship & Cyber Civility discussions with their counselors, building technology coordinators, classroom teachers, and other school staff in scheduled activities throughout the school year.

The bulk of PV's Digital Citizenship curriculum is adapted from Common Sense Media as well as other online resources.
Common Sense Media - Digital Citizenship Curriculum
Common Sense Media - Digital Video resources