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Welcome to the Math in Focus (Singapore Math) Resources Page!

The information presented is intended to provide you with a greater understanding of the philosophy of the Math in Focus (MIF) resource and how its implementation will assist our students in developing as mathematical thinkers.

In 2014, the PA Core Standards for Mathematics were implemented in Pennsylvania. The PA Core Standards require our students to be fluent in mathematical concepts and operations and to be able to demonstrate the ability to solve complex problems. In response to these more rigorous learning expectations, PVSD mathematics curricula were updated. During the 2015-2016 school year, a Mathematics Review Team participated in a resource review and recommended Math in Focus for implementation in kindergarten through grade 5. Using this resource, all students will be challenged and experience an emphasis on the concrete, abstract and pictorial aspects of mathematics learning. Exercises in problem solving represent the major mode by which students learn with this resource.

Math in Focus is often referred to as Singapore Math because of its connections to the ideas of Singapore's philosophy of mathematics and methods of instruction. In recent years, Singapore students have demonstrated strong achievement in mathematics as measured by international benchmarks. The Perkiomen Valley School District strives to strengthen the learning experiences of elementary students and establish them as confident, capable mathematical thinkers ready for the algebraic coursework presented in middle school, as well as the higher level mathematics opportunities offered throughout their secondary school experience. The Math in Focus resource will assist us in this effort.

Watch how Evergreen Elementary School students learned how to solve a problem in teacher Sharon Ferrebee's class using Math in Focus strategies. See below:

YouTube Video


The following videos provide introductory information about Math in Focus (Singapore Math) and two of the common strategies employed during problem solving: number bonds and bar modeling. 

Why Singapore Math?

Number Bonds Video

Bar Modeling Video