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What is PV Virtual?

PV Virtual is a tuition-free cyber school option for students who reside in Perkiomen Valley School District. Course content and instruction is provided in partnership with MVP (Montgomery Virtual Program). Available for students in grades K-12, PV Virtual is a customizable online learning experience that offers students high-quality instruction with flexibility and all added benefits of a traditional PVSD education.

What are the benefits of PV Virtual?
  • Innovative, rigorous, and individualized learning provided by PA-certified, highly-qualified teachers and overseen by PV School District personnel.
  • High expectations for students, who will have to meet graduation requirements and participate in state assessments such as the Pennsylvania School System of Assessment (PSSAs) and the Keystone Exams.
  • Maintain student enrollment in PVSD: PV Virtual students can take courses online and still have access to over 70 extra-curricular activities and nearly 90 athletic teams that come with being a traditional student. PV Virtual students can play on our athletic teams, join our clubs, receive district and school communications and receive a Perkiomen Valley School District diploma upon graduation.
  • Flexibility: Students who enroll in PV Virtual have the ability to return to a traditional school district program at any time without re-registration.
  • Customizable: Whether your child could benefit from taking just one online class or a full roster, PV Virtual can be adjusted to suit your child’s needs. Have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)? No problem - PV Virtual classes can help you child meet his/her IEP goals. Your child would also have access to special education services in our schools, if needed. 
  • College credit/Advanced Placement options available: If your student is planning to attend college after graduation, PV Virtual offers a number of options to provide added rigor and preparation for higher education.
What ages are served? 

PV Virtual is open to any student in grades K-12. Students who are self-motivated, organized and able to work independently are best-suited for this type of learning environment.

What types of courses are available?

All course content is provided by MVP and delivered by PA-certified instructors to align with the district’s credit requirements and Pennsylvania state standards. PV School District personnel help to oversee the PV Virtual program and will help monitor student progress. For a full list of offerings, please visit this website: You may also watch the video below or review this slide presentation for more information. 

MVP Informational Video

Does my child have to attend PV Virtual full-time, or are there part-time options?

If your child is in grades 6-12, he/she could take PV Virtual classes full-time or part-time (a hybrid approach where students would take a combination of online classes and in-person classes at their home school). High school students will have the option to take all their classes through PV Virtual in a physical high school classroom (which is overseen by a PV teacher) or they could work entirely from home. If a hybrid approach is chosen, the parent/guardian/student is responsible for providing transportation.

When do classes meet?

PV Virtual classes are presented in a primarily asynchronous environment. Asynchronous learning is a student-centered approach using online resources to facilitate learning outside the constraints of time or place. Students will interact via a learning management system, communicate via email, post in discussion forums, and collaborate with others through a digital environment. Teachers are available for online chats and by appointment. On occasion, there will be opportunities for synchronous (real-time) learning. Some courses, such as honors, advanced placement, and foreign language courses have a required synchronous session each week.

Will I have to purchase a device for my child to enroll in PV Virtual? 

No. Your child will receive a district-issued Chromebook to complete his/her school work.

Is PV Virtual offered during the summer months? 

Yes, PV Virtual will be available over the summer for credit recovery and/or advanced studies. If you are interested in this option, please speak with your child’s school counselor.

If my child attends PV Virtual, will he/she still be able to graduate and receive a PV diploma?

Yes. PV Virtual classes are aligned to the same state standards that traditional classes are and any child who attends PV Virtual and meets district graduation requirements will receive a PV diploma.

How do I enroll my child?

Please complete the contact form located on the right. A member of the PV Administrative team will contact you to begin the enrollment process. Students and families will collaborate with PV Counselors to select courses for each semester.

What is PV Virtual?

Perkiomen Valley Virtual Program provides robust, digital learning opportunities that empower learners through individualized, innovative learning paths.
Anywhere, anytime learning


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