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Community Relations

Collage of news, photography, phone, social media

Welcome to Community Relations!

The Community Relations Department at Perkiomen Valley School District is responsible for providing information on a frequent basis to Perkiomen Valley School District stakeholders. We use many different tools to communicate information to our stakeholders, and you can find links to those tools on the right-hand side of this page. As a snapshot, here are some of the regular methods by which we share news:
  • Perk E. Mail - This is an email newsletter that is sent out mid-month to all parents, faculty and staff. In it, you will find district-wide news in the Top Stories section, as well as photos and information from each of our schools. Calendar information is also included. Please click on the embedded image below to review this communication.
  • School News - Sometimes all the news that's fit to print doesn't actually fit in the space we have! Whatever can't fit into the Perk E. Mail newsletter goes into our School News section. This section is still under construction at this time.
  • Annual Report - This publication is printed and mailed to taxpayers in the district and is also posted online for review (with video links). The report is a yearly look at the district's academic progress, budget, and student/staff achievements.
  • Social Media - Perkiomen Valley School District has official Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, and many of our schools and educators do as well. Official district and school accounts can be accessed by clicking on the button at right. We ask that any people who engage with us on social media be aware of our "Rules of Engagement."
  • App - Our free app allows you to take PVSD on-the-go! While our website has responsive design to allow you to view it from a mobile device, the app gives you the same ability but with a different design. In addition to accessing information, the app allows you to receive push notifications that we send out.
  • Blackboard Connect 5 email/phone/text messages - We keep in touch with families through our email/phone/text blast system. 
  • Press releases to local media - We periodically send press releases and media alerts to local media outlets to invite coverage of our events. 
  • Activities Calendar - We print an activities calendar every year for families and staff members that contains information about our events.
  • Website - Obviously you know we communicate through our website if you are here reading this bullet point! But it bears repeating that our website is a terrific source of information for our community. While you may not be able to find everything you're looking for on the front page, we hope you'll find the site easy to navigate so you can find what you need. With our GoogleSites platform, you will also be able to subscribe to receive emails for certain pages where we post information regularly. We hope you take advantage of this feature!