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Smart phone with PVSD calling
The Perkiomen Valley School District uses the Connect 5/Blackboard Connect communication system to share important building-level and district-level communications with our families. The telephone/text feature of the system is typically used for emergency or time-sensitive announcements such as building closures or weather-related delays/closings. The email feature is used often to send important news and reminders from our schools.

All families are automatically entered into our Connect 5/Blackboard Connect system based on the information provided by families for the school district's student information system.

In an effort to allow parents to immediately identify what type of email message is being sent, all Connect 5/Blackboard Connect email messages are prefaced in the subject line by one of the following:
  • ALERT: This is used for all emergency email messages (weather-related closings, building emergencies, etc.).
  • INFO: This is used for all informational email messages (Home & School announcements, building messages, etc.).
  • ATTENDANCE: This is used for all email messages from our school attendance offices.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when receiving calls/texts from the Connect 5/Blackboard Connect system:
  • GENERAL CALLS: Caller ID will display the district’s main number (610-489-8506) if the message is coming from the district level. If the message is coming from one of our schools, the school's main number will be displayed.
  • MESSAGES: Connect 5/Blackboard Connect will leave a message on answering machines or voicemail. However, the system is set to ring each line six to eight times. Therefore, we encourage you to set your machine to six rings or fewer.
  • TEXTS: Text messages will be sent to any phone number that is associated with your student in our student information system. The text message will be preceded by a "short code" such as 23177, 63079 and 82932. When you receive a message from one of these codes, you may want to create a new contact from the text and name it "PVSD" so you know who the sender is the next time a message is sent. All messages (except for emergency messages) will include a footer that says "Txt STOP to cancel" in case you want to opt out of receiving text messages. Standard message and data rates may apply.
  • UPDATE YOUR INFORMATION: The successful delivery of information is dependent upon accurate contact information for each student, so please make certain that we have your most current phone numbers and email addresses. If this information changes during the year, please let the building secretary at your child’s school know immediately. 
We are very excited to utilize the Connect 5/Blackboard Connect system as a tool to improve communications with our families. We are pleased to have the ability to deliver real-time information to you, and also to provide reminders of all the great events that take place within our Perkiomen Valley schools.

Our intent is to provide timely and informative messages to all parents. If you have any questions about the communications system or the district’s communication efforts, please contact Jessica Lester, Manager, School and Community Engagement, at