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Information about Administering Medications in School

posted Apr 3, 2017, 10:30 AM by Jessica Lester
Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of winter - hopefully that does not mean six more weeks of colds and flu! As we look to help students cope
teddy bear with medicine
with illness during the winter months, we recognize they may require a specific medication during the school day. In order to provide proper care and protection for all students, the following method of administering medicine in school shall be followed:

1. All medications (prescription and over‐the‐counter medications) administered at school require written permission of both the student’s physician and parent.

2. No medication should be in the student’s possession. All medications are to be delivered directly to the nurse’s office and kept in the health room unless otherwise designated by the school nurse.

3. Non-prescription medication must be brought to school in its original container and labeled with the student’s name.

4. Prescription medication must be brought to school in its original container by the parent/guardian. It must be clearly labeled with original pharmacy label.

5. All medications shall be administered by the Certified School Nurse or by other licensed school health staff (RN).

6. If a student requires medicines two or three times a day, it is recommended that he/she receive it at home in the morning before school and when he/she returns home at the end of the school day. When a student requires medication(s) several times during the school day, the student may be considered too ill to be in school.

7. A parent may come to school at any time to administer medication to his/her child.