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Clearance Information, Mandated Reporter Training, Coaching Requirements for Employees

Clearances on file with the school district can no longer be older than five years for ANY employee. In July 2015, the state passed Act 15, which adjusted the requirements of Act 153 to include longer time periods between the renewal of clearances. 

Clearances for NEW EMPLOYEES must have been completed within one year from start date.

To work in an educational setting, three clearances are required and must be renewed every FIVE years:

Once obtained, please send a copy of your clearances or your UEID # (for FBI fingerprint check) to the HR department. 

Please note: ALL clearances for employees must be completed for purposes of employment only. Volunteer clearances do not fulfill this personnel requirement.

THE COST OF THE CLEARANCES WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED BY THE DISTRICT AND ARE REQUIRED OF ALL STAFF.  According to state law, failure to obtain new clearances prior to any expiration dates may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the school district.

Act 126 - Mandated Reporter Training Instructions

All PA public school employees are required to complete the 3 hour Act 126 Mandated Reporter Video Training every FIVE YEARS. 

Once you have completed the course in one of the two following approved options, print or save a PDF of your certificate of completion and forward it to the HR department (via email to or mail/drop off at the district office: 3 Iron Bridge Drive, Collegeville, PA 19426)

Please note: Teachers and paraprofessionals should use the following procedure to record flex/PD hours for this course
  • Sign up for the Mandated Reporter course on My Learning Plan
  • Complete the course per one of the two ways listed below
  • Complete Course Evaluation on MLP
  • Email certificate of completion to Karen Zucker and Susan Angel
1) New and current full-time PV employees have the opportunity to take this required course through the SafeSchools portal (username is your employee ID#). The Act 126 course is divided into two modules in SafeSchools and BOTH must be completed in order to meet the training requirement. 

IMPORTANT: When beginning the course on SafeSchools (whether for the first time or if retaking the course) make sure the click on the START COURSE arrow toward the top of the page, as opposed to clicking on the individual chapters or the system may not register your course completion. Additionally, if your completion date does not update in the system, email me to update it manually. Safeschools is working on a solution to this glitch, but it is not yet fixed.

2) Alternatively, you can access the course offered by the University of Pittsburgh HERE and follow these steps:
  • Either log in with your previously created username and password or click the blue "Registration" link in the upper left hand corner and follow the steps to create a new account
  • Complete course (you may stop and start the course as needed; it will save your progress)
3) Additionally, please familiarize yourself with Board Policy 806 regarding child abuse, including the reporting procedure on page 6 of this document).

PIAA Coaching Requirements

Employees serving in a coaching capacity must complete all courses as required by PIAA. Complete instructions can be found HERE.

PIAA - Coach Requirements Information (See #3 for information on training through Safe Schools)


Contact the Human Resources Department for more information:

Susan Angel, ext. 1140

Karen Zucker, ext. 1131