Capital Improvements

The Perkiomen Valley School District is moving forward with exciting projects to improve building infrastructure and capital assets during the summer of 2017. The School Board and administration have worked to bring these projects forward for completion after many months of review and study to prioritize needs and secure funding.

Most of the projects slated for completion over the summer are projects designed to improve energy efficiency. Those projects include: 
  • New roofs at the high school, Middle School East, Evergreen, Skippack, South and administration building
  • Pool renovations at the high school
  • 21 new HVAC units at the high school 
  • Digital controls in multiple buildings
  • Cleaner air ionization products designed to improve air quality
  • Air conditioning for Middle School East gymnasium
The estimated $13.3 million cost for these projects will be paid for through an $8,350,000 new money bond issue that will be strategically placed into existing debt structure payment columns. This will be combined with an existing $5,000,000 balance for Assigned Capital Projects to cover the cost over 14 years without raising taxes specifically for these projects. 

The district is completing these projects through a contract with an Energy Service Company or ESCO. Under the Guaranteed Energy Savings Act, school districts are allowed to forgo the “lowest responsible bidder” process to hire an ESCO. Instead, the school district issues a Request for Proposals (RFP), and invites ESCOs to submit proposals for work it needs done. Through an agreement with an ESCO, a district is guaranteed to generate energy savings that will, over time, pay for the costs of the project. 

Campus Asphalt Paving Project

In addition to renovations to enhance energy efficiency, the district will also be fixing and repairing Campus Drive from Route 29 to Kagey Road. Significant infrastructure repairs will happen underneath the surface of the road to provide a sturdier foundation and better durability. Costs for this project will be paid for through savings in the Assigned Capital Projects fund. Total project costs (including project design, implementation, testing and management services) are not to exceed $1,093,000.

High School Band Room Masonry Work

One other project that will take place this summer is repair of the masonry in the high school band room. Severe drainage issues outside this room have caused the walls to shift and crack. Costs to complete this repair work ($342,270) will also be taken from the Assigned Capital Projects fund.

Timing of all projects for summer 2017

Administration and all contractors have been working hard to make sure all of the jobs are completed in time for the beginning of school 2017. Please continue to watch this space for construction updates and information.