Student Enrollment & Building Capacity

Perkiomen Valley School District reviews student enrollment on a monthly basis through reports that are shared at the School Board meetings. From time to time, the district hires consultants to provide a more in-depth look at population trends and collect data that is used to ensure the district's facilities are used efficiently and equitably. 

An enrollment study was recently authorized by the Board and was shared at the May 8, 2017 meeting. At the same meeting, building capacity was reviewed. You may access both the enrollment and building capacity studies, as well as the presentations made, by clicking on the links at right. Prior to this, the most recent study was shared in February 2013.

Both enrollment studies have shown that student enrollment is expected to decline. The Commission studies birth and fertility rates, population migration, housing activity, and alternative schooling choices to make its projections. These projections reflect what the district has found in its own study of student enrollments and indicate that there will be no immediate need for school boundary changes or grade level realignments. The district will continue to review building resources as part of each budget process to ensure that they are distributed in an equitable manner.