Rally for the Valley

Are you ready to Rally for the Valley? Click below to make an online donation to our Capital Campaign, or see the "How You Can Help" button below for other ways to contribute to the campaign. Thank you! 

A campaign to improve student experiences and level the playing field

Football games. Marching band competitions. Athletic contests. Hall of Fame celebrations. PV Olympics. Graduation. These are just a few of the events we hold each year at Thomas J. Keenan Stadium. It’s a place that is about so much more than athletic events and competition - it is a place where our community gathers regularly to celebrate student and community successes and the things that make Perkiomen Valley a special place to live, learn and work. 

Built in 1994, Thomas J. Keenan Stadium is in need of a major renovation after years of use by the school district and community. It is time for us to rally for the Valley and renovate our stadium and other athletic fields so that they can serve future generations of Vikings for years to come. Please take a look at the work being proposed and consider how you can rally to ensure that our Valley is a place for the community to come together well into the future.

Capital Campaign Steering Committee

Sean Berk
Kelly Bernardyn
Jon Chesshire
Bryan Churchey
Matthew Dorr
Sarah Evans-Brockett
Ken Fulmer
Dr. Gene Halus
Andrew Hanlon
Cynthia Hickey
Amy Hurd
Larry Glanski
Jessica Lester
Tom Molnar
Dr. Cyndi Moss
Beth Negro
Allison Petersen
Dr. Barbara Russell
Jeff Schweitzer
Lori Smith
Diane Staples
Kathleen Stengel
Anthony Wallace
Jim Weaver
Jeff Wuerstle