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Results of Building Options Survey

At the Dec. 11th Community Facilities Committee meeting, participants were asked to discuss the pros and cons to four building options presented by AEM architects to address the facility needs of South Elementary School. Those options included Option 1A (selective renovation), Option 2A (comprehensive renovation), Option 2A (Build a new South Elementary in phases while students stay at the school and then demolish the old South), and Option 2B (Relocate students temporarily, demolish South, and build a new building on the existing footprint). You may read more detail about the building options by reviewing the AEM presentation or the presentation made by Superintendent Dr. Barbara Russell on Dec. 11.  Here are the results of the rankings from the participants who attend on Dec. 11th. 

survey rankings of building options
Here is a break-down of the survey participants and the municipalities in which they live:

survey participants' municipalities