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Home Access Center/Online Registration Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Home Access Center?

A. Home Access Center, or HAC, is a web-based system that is used as a way to provide parents with online access to their child’s academic progress in individual classes, as well as through online report cards. HAC is also the system by which parents to verify their student’s registration information online. Busing information is also available through HAC.

Q. How do I access HAC?
A. There is a link on the front page of our website, or you can bookmark this link into your browser: 

Q. What if I can't remember my user name or password?
A. Please use the "Forgot My Username/Password" feature to reset your password. NOTE: This feature will not work if HAC is closed for summer maintenance.

Q. I would like to review my child's grades and/or report card, but I'm not sure where to start. Can you give me some guidance?
A. Please see the video tutorial at right, or review the HAC User Assistance guide at right.

Q. Where can I find bus information in HAC?
A. Upon logging in, this information should be available on the Demographic tab. You will see a section labeled "Transportation," and within that you will see your child's bus number, and bus stop times and the stop description. If you don't see the Demographic tab, click on the Registration icon and it should display. 

Q. How do I update the contact information for my child?
A. Upon logging in, you should see the Demographic tab displayed (if it is not, click on the Registration icon). In the "Contacts" section, click on the edit button on the right to adjust phone numbers or email addresses for parents/guardians associated with your student.

Q. Why can’t I change address information in HAC?
A. We do not allow online changes to student addresses because we need to be able to review and verify any items you might provide as proof of your residency in our district (such as a deed, mortgage statement, utility bill, etc).

Q. What about Activity Fees? I understand they can be paid by logging into HAC.
A. Yes, Activity Fees for extra-curricular activities can be paid online via HAC. Please visit our Activity Fee page for more information about this process. 

Q. Our family doesn’t have access to a computer at home to make these changes. What can we do?
A. You may call your child’s building and request that a paper registration verification form to be sent home with your child(ren).

Review the document below for Home Access Center User Assistance