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Who Needs Clearances?

Program Volunteers: A program volunteer is a volunteer who provides recurring assistance in support of a curricular or extra-curricular activity under the general direction and supervision of a staff member employed by the district. A program volunteer may, from time to time, have, or may be reasonably expected to have unsupervised contact with students. Examples of program volunteers include, but are not limited to: field trip chaperones, college student observers, volunteer athletic coaches, booster club members, volunteer tutors, play/musical helpers, and library helpers.

Employees: Anyone employed by the district must have the three required clearances. This includes teachers, support staff members (includes secretarial, paraprofessional, custodial, food service workers), administrators, students, and individuals who help run our athletic events, co-curricular activities, and our Community Education programs.


Guest Volunteers: A guest volunteer is a volunteer who comes to school infrequently and works in the presence of a teacher/administrator with students. A guest volunteer shall not have unsupervised contact with students and is not required to obtain any of the mandated clearances necessary for employees and program volunteers. Examples of guest volunteers are Career Day presenters or other guest speakers, “mystery readers” in elementary classrooms, or other visitors who are escorted by an authorized staff member.

At-Home Volunteer: A volunteer who provides a service to one of our schools but does not need to physically be in a school to do so does not have to obtain clearances.

* Volunteers who have lived in Pennsylvania for 10 years or more can forgo the fingerprinting process if they fill out and submit a Volunteer Affirmation Form.