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School Board members serve on a variety of committees. There are two main types of committees: Board Standing Committees and District Standing Committees. Finance and Policy are the only two Board Standing Committees. Board Standing Committees are developed to focus on particular administrative areas within the school district, with a sub-set of Board members serving on each committee. District Standing Committees also focus upon various administrative areas in the school district but may also include members of the community serving in an advisory capacity along with administrators and School Board members. District Standing Committees include the Curriculum Committee, Technology Advisory Committee, the Athletic Committee, the Calendar Committee, the Communications Advisory Committee and the Wellness Committee.

At certain times, special committees may be created by the Board for a specific assignment. These special committees will be appointed by the Board and terminated upon completion of their assignments or by a vote of the Board. These committees may be reactivated, if necessary.

You may access a description of each committee, its meeting dates, and its members by accessing the links at right. To view minutes from these committees, visit BoardDocs.