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DRAFT - FAQs regarding the School District Closure

As of Monday, April 6, this website is a work in process and has not been approved, please be mindful that the information may change.

Q. Do I need to post activities each day by 9:00 am?  
A. Staff should post activities by 9:00 am on the days assigned to their subject areas on the building schedules.  Therefore, secondary staff should not be posting every day.

Q. Can I post all of my assignments for the week by 9:00 am on Monday?  
A. No.  The schedule was built in order to assist students, parents, and staff to chunk the activities throughout the week and to allow students the opportunity for multiple touch points throughout the week with teachers.

Q. Can I hold synchronous sessions on days not assigned for my subject area?  
Each building should have created and shared a synchronous session sign up document to assist in avoiding conflicts.  Try to adhere to the days assigned for your subject area.  If you would like to sign up on a day that is not assigned to your subject area and there are time slots available, you may do so.  However, please remember that our initial requirement is for asynchronous learning.

Q. Will we move to more synchronous learning in the future?  
A. It is our intention to progress in this direction.  More information will be forthcoming.

Q. Are we still administering final exams?  
A. No, we have decided to eliminate final exams for this school year.

Q. Will Marking Period 4 be Pass/Fail?  
A. We are investigating this possibility and will share further details and a decision after examining all options and impacts of each option.  

Q. Will there be Summer Learning Opportunities available for students?  
A. Yes, we are considering several modes of delivering summer learning opportunities for all levels, K-12.  More information will be shared when details are available.

Q. Will we be able to use Zoom?  
A. Zoom has recently changed their security settings.  We are investigating the potential use of Zoom and seeking legal advice.  Until Zoom is deemed appropriate, staff must use Google Hangout.  We will share an update as soon as it is available.

Q. Will we be extending the school year?  
A. Based upon recent legislation and information from PDE, we are not currently planning to adjust the school calendar.  In the near future, we will update the end of year calendar to identify the last days of school and communicate the timeline with all stakeholders.  

Q. Will April 28 remain a flex day?  
A. April 28  is currently scheduled as flex day #2 in our school calendar.  However, the primary election date has been moved to June 2.  We will be discussing the school calendar as it pertains to this date with our School Board and will communicate with stakeholders as a decision is made.

Q.  What has been shared with families so far about student work?
A. Please see the Learning Enhancements Resource page and COVID-19 Information page for more information on what has been communicated to families so far.  

Q. How do I email all my students?  Parents?
A.  See the Staff Resources page on the District website for information on how to use TAC to communicate with students and guardians.

Q. What is the impact on the Act 339 requirements and Graduation Projects?

Q. Can teachers give extra credit assignments?

Q. How will the shutdown affect standardized testing like PSSAs, APs and Keystone Exams?
PSSAs and Keystone Exams have been canceled for this year.  AP Exam information can be found here.

Q. What about the SAT/ACT?
A. The ACT has been rescheduled from April 4 to June 13. See this link for more information:
The SAT scheduled for May 2 has been canceled, as have plans for testing on March 14 (original date) and March 28 (reschedule date). Check here for updates/more information:

Q.  How do I check my voicemail outside of school?
A. To provide the capabilities of your district phone/extension, we have implemented PVSD Mitel Softphone which will provide all the functionalities of your district phone/extension (make/receive calls, chat, caller-id, check voicemails etc...). You can install it yourself by following this quick video install guide. Here are PDF instructions. If there are any questions/issues, please email

Q. How can I hide my personal number if I use my phone for work calls?
A.  Type *67 before the number you are calling and it will block the person you call from seeing your number.

Q. Can we put together for our students (and staff?) a list of ways to manage stress during these times that we can post on our Google Classrooms? (E.g.,  a free app like Insight Timer, which offers free guided meditations for both adults and children on managing stress, anxiety, sleep, etc.?) 

Q. When can teachers get into their buildings/classrooms for things they need?

Q. What is the role of para-professionals during this time?

Q. What does the role of the BCBA look like during the closure?

Q. In the event we have extended closures, is there any scenario where we (staff, admin, etc.) would not continue to be paid?

Q. In the event we are out longer than the two weeks, what happens if clearances expire?

Q. Can or has the district created a common statement for all employees for virtual hours so that we can be united?  Would creating common virtual hours for all, for example 8-11 and 1-3, be helpful if we are to collaborate and hold meetings?

Q. If we are required to track our 4 hours, can the district provide a common log for employees in case we would need to share them at a later date?

Q. How should I handle signatures for 504 meetings? Would I just email the signature page to the parent, ask them to print, sign and mail back to the school and then get physical signatures from staff upon our return or should I just hold the meetings but wait for all signatures until school is back in session?

Q. Are IEP students required to get their "minutes" outlined in the IEP for services like speech and OT or just supports to help them continue to access the curriculum/hold-over work?

Q. How should special area teachers share their information with parents and/or students?

Q. Most K parents do not know their student google logins. Will they be able to access Google Classroom from their own emails or must they use their child's pv username and password to access Google Classroom? If that is the case- How can I help them get their correct log-on info?

Q. For Reading Eggs, because I am split across two buildings, I cannot see student information.  How might I find a workaround for this to help parents get their kids into Reading Eggs? Some are currently using their sibling's pages but it is not necessarily individualized to my students' levels then.

Q. How is the district addressing the additional time that will be required of special education staff in order to remain compliant with deadlines when the expectation for general education staff is 4 hours per week?

Q. Will chromebooks and /or internet be offered to primary students that may not have access?
Is it possible for the district to send a survey to parents so we know what our students have access to at home to help with planning?

Q. When are custodians going to be cleaning our schools?

Q. Will staff meetings count towards the four hour collaboration?

Q. What do teachers do if they haven't completed their flex hours yet?

Q. Is there any information on observations and evaluations due to the halt on the school year? I have applied for my Type II certificate which is contingent on me being observed twice this year and having 6 satisfactory observations during my three years here. I'm worried that if school does not resume, that will affect my application for the permanent certificate.

Q. How does all of this affect SLOs and teacher evaluations?