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Aaron Rudolph

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AP Chemistry Teacher
Science Department Chairperson
610.489.1230 x 2304

My Classes

    Chemistry is the study of matter; the stuff that makes up the world around us. We will spend our time together investigating two big questions: 
    First, what is all this matter made out of? 
    Second, what changes, in energy and properties, can this matter undergo?

    We will learn about atoms and their properties. We will learn about how those atoms can interact, bond and separate. We will learn to measure and count them, even though they are too small to see individually! 
    We will learn how these atoms do chemical reactions to make new substances. We will watch as they give off, or take in, energy. We will watch as they undergo chemical changes and physical changes. And we will learn to make predictions about what they will do. 
    We will learn the relevance of chemistry in all of our daily lives. Food, technology, objects and routines are all guided by the chemical discoveries that have been made. We will also discuss national and global issues that are relevant to chemistry, from energy resources to food supply to climate.