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Amanda Gimber

"All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them."
-Magic Johnson

Welcome to 6th Grade!
6th Grade ELA
Element Team
484.977.7210  ext. 3713

Hi!  My name is Miss Gimber. I'm the 6th grade Element Team ELA teacher at West.
I'm really looking forward to getting to know you this year. J

How to be Successful in ELA
  • Come to school with a positive attitude.
  • Bring all supplies to class every day.
    • Agenda, binder, notebook, pencil, highlighter, earbuds and charged Chromebook
  • Write down all assignments in your agenda every class period.
  • Stay organized - keep your binder neat and organized with all homework assignments, classwork and notes.
  • Check Google Classroom every day and make sure you have completed all assignments.
  • Check HAC multiple times a week. Your work and your grade are your responsibility.
  • Read, read, read! The only way to get better at anything is to practice! The more you read and write, the better of a reader and writer you will become. 
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help - that's why we're here! J
ELA Resource - Collections
Each collection reflects an engaging topic that connects texts for discussion and analysis for students as they explore different genres. We will be reading short stories, speeches, poems, myths, dramas, folk tales, informational texts, online articles, magazine articles and editorials this year. We will use a Close Reader that provides selections related to the collection topic for application of close reading skills and annotation strategies. We also will focus on writing, especially TDAs, argument pieces and grammar.

Facing Fear - This collection focuses on what fear is and how people react to and overcome fears.
Animal Intelligence - This collection explores animals' mental abilities and other unique qualities that make them such an important part of our world.
Making Your Voice Heard - This collection focuses on your speaking voice and writer's voice, as well as your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, opinions and ideas and the different ways you can express yourself.
What Tales Tell - This collection focuses on stories told in all cultures and what we can learn about the people of that country or culture based on these stories.

Grade Weighting Breakdown
Grades are weighted in two scoring categories: Assessments - 75% / Practice Work - 25%
Assessments include Collections tests, TDAs, quizzes and writing prompts.
Practice work includes homework, classwork and informal writing products.