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Bill McGill

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Third Grade Teacher
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The mission of the Perkiomen Valley School District is to provide a rich academic and cultural learning environment that maximizes available resources to assure that all students grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally, attaining the skills necessary to become successful citizens.

Information for Parents and Students

August 2019



Dear Student and Parent(s),


Welcome to Third Grade!  I am so pleased that you will be one of my students.  I have high expectations for each of you, and hope you have the same high expectations for yourself. 


I hope you had plenty of time to rest and relax.  I had the pleasure of spending time in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and visiting family in Michigan. 


However, now it is time to think about returning to a fabulous school year.  I look forward to hearing about you.  Please come to school prepared to answer the following questions:

1.       What do you love learning about?

2.      What do you most look forward to this school year?

3.      What are three awesome things about yourself?

4.      What is one thing you would like your teacher and classmates to know about you?

5.      What is something new you would like to make, create, try, build, and/or learn about?

This letter contains several pieces of information that may help prepare you for a successful school year.  I expect my students to work hard, be Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to learn because we will follow the 3R’s daily.


Please let me know about any food allergies so I can determine a classroom snack rule for the school year.  Parents, please email me specifics regarding all allergies.


If you would like to provide a non-food item for your child’s classmates to help celebrate his/her birthday, please feel free to do so.  I ask only that it be limited to one item per child and that it require no in class preparation time.  Non-food items like pencils and erasers are always a great idea.


I await your arrival on Monday, August 26th.  It is suggested that you provide a pencil box (about 8” by 5”), ten No. 2 pencils (2 per month), one large pink pencil eraser, one glue stick, a pair of Fisker blunt end scissors, one pack of 24 count crayons, one set of water color markers (not permanent markers), 4 double pocket folders (to be used for science units throughout the year), one felt chalkboard eraser or dry erase marker or an old washed cotton sock will also work, 2 boxes of tissues, a set of colored pencils (optional), one pen (color of your choice), 4 dry erase markers (fine point), a large pack of 3X3 post-its, and a pair of earphones/ear buds (In a Zip-lock bag with your name printed on the bag).  I will be glad to help you with any or all of these items if needed. 


Trapper Keepers are very popular among students.  However, they are too large to keep in your desk or on the floor (they are a tripping hazard).  Therefore, I will ask that you do not bring these to school.  Instead, I strongly urge you to use a 1.5 inch or 2 inch three ring binder.  This will be used to keep your daily homework book in and will also be used for your Home and School folder.  You will need one pocket folder in your binder to take papers home and bring back to school on a daily basis.  You should label one pocket “Home” and the other pocket “School.”  Papers that go home will be placed in the pocket marked “Home” and papers that must come back to school will be placed in the pocket marked “School.”

Homework books are usually supplied by the Home & School.  This book will be used to write down your assignments for the evening and will be taken home on a nightly basis to be signed by your parent.  It is part of your nightly homework responsibility to get your parent to sign the homework book.  This is one of the ways I keep a constant line of communication going between home and school.  I will check the homework book before each student leaves my room and initial that the assignment was copied from the board correctly.  As a rule, homework can be expected every evening with the exception of Fridays.


Parent/Teacher communication is extremely important for a successful school year.  You can look for periodic emails, notes, or phone calls from me.  Likewise, I look forward to hearing from you if you have some information to share, a question, or concern.  You can reach me by writing a note, calling me on the phone, or by email.  It is important to communicate frequently.  I communicate a lot through email.  I would like to encourage parents to make sure your information in the Home Access Center is up to date and that you have registered your email addresses. Weather alerts and early dismissals are now sent out by the school district.  So, the email addresses you provide will be used to communicate information about your child or may be a general classroom update. 


I look forward to meeting parents at our Meet the Teacher Night (Tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 12th).  During our time together, I will share our curriculum and learning behavior expectations with you and look forward to your questions.  I will also ask for parent volunteers to help out with the school store.  When help is needed in the classroom I usually send out an email stating what help is needed.  This may include help in the classroom for various special projects and I may also ask for parent volunteers who like to do behind the scene work.


Please wear sneakers on the first day of school because we could have Phys. Ed. for our special that day.


Once again, it is such a pleasure to have you as a student this year.  I look forward to challenging you to stretch your mind and see endless possibilities.  Please keep this in mind.  There are two words that I don’t like to hear my students utter and they are – “I can’t.”  In third grade – You can!


Information about our special schedule and food restrictions (if we have any) will be forthcoming.


Waiting for your arrival,


Mr. McGill

Third Grade Teacher