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Foundations of Art

The foundation year in art provides you with a strong framework on which to build your art skills.  The course concentrates on three main areas of art. First, there is a focused study of the elements and principles of design, as they relate to two-dimensional and three-dimensional work.  There is an ongoing review of elements and principles, how to incorporate them into your work and how to analyze their use through the process of critique. The remaining areas of focus are drawing and painting, with an emphasis on realism and working from life.  In these areas of study, you will use a variety of materials, learn new skills and techniques and improve previously learned skills.

Representational and design work will be the guiding focus in this foundation year as your subject matter will be drawn from still life, the human form and imaginative ideas.  Art history will be incorporated as it relates to specific contexts to each unit of study. Foundations of Art is the prerequisite class for the Art Major course of study as well as other art electives. Students who have completed three years of art in middle school can submit a portfolio and complete a placement assessment to be considered to waive the prerequisite requirement.

Art Major I

Art Major I has observational drawing and painting as its primary focus.  Students will be guided through a series of drawing problems that will address composition, value, use of pictorial space, rendering texture, light and perspective.  Dry media, including charcoal and conte crayon will be utilized in a variety of ways as students explore technique and self-expression. Historical and contemporary references will be introduced to supplement the studio experience.

Students will explore painting in the second half of the year with the addition of color media including pastel and paint during which relationships, color mixing, and color as a means of expressing light are topics that will be explored.  Instruction in technique as well as the study of artistic styles and movements will be included. Some home drawing assignments will be required.

Art Major II

Art Major II explores continued growth in observational drawing and painting as well as personal expression through creative visual and conceptual problem solving.  Composition, perspective, line quality, value and color are stressed along with utilization of the design principles. Self-portraits, figure drawing and oil painting are featured units.

Whereas Art Major I focused primarily on representational work, Art Major II also explores abstractions as a form of expression.  Additional media are introduced as well. Historical reference is included whenever appropriate.  

Students are required to draw on a regular basis outside of class via regular homework drawings.  Assignments address composition, technique, and creative thought. Preparation of the portfolio for art school admission is addressed.  Careers in the arts are discussed and guest speakers are utilized when available

AP Art

Advanced Placement Drawing is an intensive art course comparable to a college level foundations course.  Advanced concepts in drawing and painting will be addressed including a strong focus on design and composition.  Students electing AP Drawing will be required to produce a portfolio of work to be submitted for Advance Placement evaluation.  In addition to class assignments, a substantial amount of work is required outside of class. There will also be several summer drawing assignments to be completed before the start of school.  A minimum of 15 works are required for the AP portfolio.

While the production of a body of work will be the primary focus of the class, there will also be a strong emphasis on critical and analytical thinking.  Class critiques will be a vital component of the AP experience and students are expected to actively participate.

Students will be required to produce a body of work that:  a) demonstrates exploration across a breadth of artistic styles, subjects, techniques and concepts, and b) demonstrates a focused concentration of artistic vision while exhibiting mastery of technique.  Students will be encouraged to take initiative and form their own personal artistic voice. Students are required to submit a portfolio for AP scoring.  Students may elect to submit their portfolios in 2-D design or in Drawing/Painting.  This can be determined once the course beings. Students taking AP Drawing will be required to pay a $25 lab fee.