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Brian Love

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Brian Love
Business/Technology Instructor

My Classes

The mission of the Perkiomen Valley School District is to provide a rich academic and cultural learning environment that maximizes available resources to assure that all students grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally, attaining the skills necessary to become successful citizens.

Intro to Computer Hardware and Principles
How do the parts of a computer interact?  We’ll answer that by examining an actual computer, its components and their relationships. How do they interact with each other?  We’ll explore the basics of networking. What are the biggest concerns of living in a digital age? We’ll answer that by examining computer crime.  How are computers impacting our lives? We’ll answer that by exploring how social media works and tracking its worldwide influences.
Intro to Programming/Game Design
Designing a game or application requires many skills including solid design principles, graphic design, and computer programming.  We’ll explore the various aspects of programming through simple languages that power games and applications. Whether you’ve never programmed before or have some experience, this introductory course challenges all levels due to the various programs we’ll discover including Java, Stencyl, HTML, and CSS. 

Creative Computing
This course links the innovation of personal connections to computing by tapping into creativity, imagination and interests.  Students will also examine technology’s role in creatively marketing products and services to consumers. Creative computing will focus upon the importance of creative expression as it relates to the knowledge students need to produce dynamic and interactive computational media.

Intro to Business

This course is designed to introduce students to how businesses function in today’s society and providing students a foundation for additional business coursework.  Students will gain an understanding of the stages of starting a business venture and what applications are needed for success. Students will look at businesses in a global economy, business organization/management, business operations/technology, social media marketing, and other areas.