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Carol Okonski

Helping Houston
This week we talked to the children about how the can help children in Houston.  Dr. Sacks sent an email earlier this week with information about a school that we are going to help.
You can click on the links from her email and support the school with everything from pencils and crayons to uniforms.  This is a copy of Dr. Sacks' email including the links if you are interested in helping out. 


As you have all seen, the area around Houston has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  Mrs. Burke connected Mr. Lycosky with a teacher's blog which organized an" Adopt a Classroom" project to match schools and classrooms around the nation with schools in Houston.  Mr. Lycosky’s 5th grade classroom was matched up with a 5th-grade classroom in Horace W. Elrod Elementary and has been in contact with their teacher, Ms. Nikki Nnadi.


As you can imagine, these families are dealing with so much now.  Most of them live in apartment complexes and their neighborhoods have been completely flooded.  There are reports that most of them have lost everything that they have.  It is in times like these when we hope that we can help our own children recognize how can help others.  Empathy is a positive character trait that supports us in learning how to show compassion for others.  


These children have so many needs, but I believe that if we can focus on helping them in school, it will provide at least a little bit of normalcy in their lives.  Schools hopefully provide support and a safe place for students, but most importantly they provide education.  It will be so hard for these students to have school and have their lessons without supplies.  A way to help them gain this can be to help them get the school supplies that they need to help get them back to school.


I know school supplies can be very expensive, and I know you all purchased those for your own children recently.  The supply lists for the students who attend Horace Elrod is no shorter than ours, but the need is clearly greater at this time.  Also, time is of the essence, as the people of Houston begin work to recover, and kids are starting back to school next week.


Mr. Lycosky has conducted a lot to research to learn about our best options to help.  Gathering individual supplies and then shipping becomes time-consuming for all of us and expensive to ship.  However, he found 2 options to show our compassion to these kids.


First, this link, will bring you to a page that will load the entire list to one of the online retailers listed.  Many of us have Target Red Cards or Amazon Prime which reduce the shipping cost and time, and we can get it to the kids as soon as possible.  If more appropriate for your family, perhaps your son or daughter could ask a friend to join with them and families could share the cost.  If this option is too much for your commitment financially, the students also need school uniforms - red polo tops with navy blue bottoms - in various youth sizes.  Target has these and can be found at


Any of this can be shipped directly to Ms. Nnadi at her school:

Nikki Nnadi

Elrod Elementary School

6230 Dumfries Dr.

Houston, TX 77096

(She will be supporting the distribution of supplies within her school community.)


Assistance with this is voluntary, of course, but if you would like verification that your donation was received  and you were able to help the students at Elrod Elementary - please email Mr. Lycosky to let him know what you donated, with the subject line referencing AdoptAClassroom.  He will contact Ms. Nnadi to let her know and ensure that she received it.  However, please know that helping another school is our goal and that we have faith the companies listed using the links will follow through (Amazon, Target, Jet, etc.) We hope to stay in contact with Ms. Nnadi through the year to see if there are other opportunities for us to help in the future as well.  


We have been presented with an opportunity to help others as well as teach our children compassions.  This compassion helps us to better understand one another and see kindness in the world.  I thank you in advance for all of your assistance.  I can only imagine how much our kids will help other kids in Houston and we thank you.


Have a wonderful evening!

Amy Sacks

Homework for my class will start next week after Meet the Teacher night.  I know some of the general education teachers have been giving it but I prefer to wait until after I can discuss it.  If your child is in first grade they will receive packets on Mondays that are due in on Fridays. If your child is in second grade they will receive homework daily.  I do not give homework on the weekend or holidays.  

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