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Carol Okonski

Fire Prevention Assembly
On Tuesday, October 10th, the Perkiomen Township Fire Company will be coming to Evergreen to present an assembly regarding fire safety.  Every year these volunteers stop by and talk to our students about fire prevention.  The fire department reminds the students to have the batteries changed in the smoke detectors  twice a year and to have an escape plan and meeting place outside the house in case their is a fire.  Have you ever thought about buying escape ladders for your second floor bedrooms?
After the assembly the students go outside and are given a tour of the fire trucks and the firefighters discuss the different equipment on the truck.
Finally, the fire chief holds a fire drill for the school.  During this month, let's thank firefighters for their service to our community. 
Please make sure to check your child's homework for the week.  If your child is in second grade they receive homework daily.  They have an assignment book that they use daily to write down their assignments.  
First grade receives a packet every Monday and it is due back in on Friday.  If you need the weekend for either grade level in order to complete assignments let me know.
Please sign the black note book every night. I check them in the morning and it is my way of knowing that you read them.  

Mission Statement

The mission of the Perkiomen Valley School District is to provide a rich academic and cultural learning environment that maximizes available resources to assure that all students grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally, attaining the skills necessary to become successful citizens. 

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