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General Information

Absent Note
If your child is absent, please be sure to call and/or email the school.
Phone: (610)-489-2991 
Email: Kim Jones-

Individual: Students will have the opportunity to earn "Warm and Fuzzies" for positive behavior. Then they will be able to turn them in for rewards!  This will help show the positive behavior in the classroom.

Whole Class: the class will work together to receive marbles to fill up a jar. The class can receive a marble for good behavior at lunch, recess, special, in the hallway, and in the classroom. Double Marble Friday is a class favorite!! Once the jar is filled the class will decide on an activity or prize.

Most children like to celebrate their birthdays at school. If you would like to send in a non-food/non-latex birthday treat for your child, please feel free to do so. Please just give me a quick heads-up so I know. Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June. We currently have 17 students in our class. 

Birthday invitations may only be sent in IF the entire class is invited. If  not, please use the Home and School directory for addresses and emails. I CANNOT give out any personal information.

Family Trips
If you are going on a family trip during the school year and your child will be missing school, you must fill out an educational trip form. The form must be handed in one week before the trip and approved in order for absences to be considered excused. 

Homework is given on a daily basis. The objectives of homework are:
1. To reinforce the skill(s) learned that day
2. To inform you as the parents on what your child is learning in school.
3. To help your child learn responsibility.
 If your child is struggling on the homework for the night, stop them after 20 minutes and notify me. I will work with your child at school on the skill.

Your child will have recess every day from 12:20-12:50.
Your child will eat lunch each day from 11:50-12:20.

When you need to pick up your child from school whether it is during the school day or at the end of the day, you MUST notify the school and me. You can do this by sending in a note with your child or emailing me AND Kim Jones ( in the office.

Froggie Folder
Your child has an orange Froggie Folder that he/she takes home every day. The Froggie folder will have your child’s homework, important papers, and papers from the day that can stay home. Be aware of the “take home” and “return to school” sides.  This is an effective way for us to communicate.  There will be many notes in there from me or from the school that may be important.

Students may bring in a snack to eat every day. We will not be taking a break to eat, but will continue to work during this time so it does not take away from the instructional day. If your child does bring in a snack, please make sure it is healthy and non-peanut/tree nut. Pretzels, crackers, fruit, veggies, goldfish, and animal crackers are some suggestions. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN JUICE OR CANDY. Your child may bring in a water bottle to drink from throughout the day.

Water Bottles
Your child may bring in a water bottle to drink from throughout the day. Please be sure it has a "sports cap" to prevent any spills. If multi spills occur, students will be asked to keep their water bottles on the back counter.