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Christina Bolc


Christina Bolc
South Elementary Art K - 5
610-489-2991 Ext. 4734

Welcome to the South Elementary Art Room!

 Students at South Elementary have art once every six days a cycle. Every student is encouraged to explore their own creative style to become a confident artist. The art program introduces students to various different media and techniques that are appropriate for their grade level. Themes and concepts studied are often cross     curricular by connecting other academic areas within the curriculum. Every lesson is designed to meet the Pennsylvania Visual Art Standards from grades K – 5.

What will students learn this year?

South Elementary artists will focus their studies on a Once Upon a Time theme. We will read a variety of children’s literature including fairy tales, folktales, fables, and nursery rhymes. After reading, we will discuss the story and examine the illustrations to inspire our creativity. Students will explore a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, collage and sculpture. Projects to be highlighted throughout this magical experience are Aladdin’s Magical Dhurrie Collages, Princess / Prince and the Pea  Self Portraits, Alice in Wonderland Patterned Teacup Paintings, Little Red Riding Hood Oil Pastel Landscapes, Dragon Masks, and Clay Castle Designs. 

South Elementary Art Show

All students Kindergarten through 5th Grade will be represented in the             South Elementary School Art Show this year on Friday, April 6th, from 5-8 PM! Each student’s artwork will be hung throughout the entire school to showcase our  amazing artistic talents! Any parent who is interested in helping out with the   school art show can contact Home & School. 


Every student in 1st through 5th grade will create a handmade sketchbook. Students will explore paper making techniques to create the cover of their sketchbook. Sketchbook styles for each grade level include: (1) marble paper, (2) rolling print paper, (3) tempera batik paper, (4) paste paper, and (5) straw blown paper. * Students are encouraged to explore their interest in art by drawing independently when they have finished their artwork in the classroom.                    

Art Question of the Month

Throughout the school year, students will learn about many different artists.
Every month, a famous artist will be posted on our class bulletin board with a piece of artwork showcased. Students may choose to research and learn about the artist independently to answer the art question of the month. They will have the opportunity to win an art prize at the end of the month. 


All students are reminded to bring an art smock to school. Art smocks can be  purchased at the craft store or you may recycle an old shirt. The smocks will       remain in the student’s classroom and will be brought to art class when indicated   by the teacher. * Extra smocks are always handy in the art room. If you have any donations for our classroom basket, please feel free to send in the smocks with your student on their art class day. Thanks so much!

Help Out!

In the art room we are always looking to use recycled materials! If you would like   to donate any of the following, please send it to school on your student’s scheduled art class day.

         Recycled Materials interested in include the following:

·      Smocks

·      Yogurt Cups

·      Milk Jugs

·      Plastic Containers

·      Newspaper

·      Tissue Boxes

·      Magazines

·      Craft Supplies

Questions? Concerns?

Please feel free to email me at or contact me at South Elementary ext. #4734

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