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Christina Shank

Ms. Christina Shank
French Teacher - Grades 6-8
484-977-7210, ext. 3720

              Bienvenue à la classe de français

6th Grade
Welcome to your class of exploratory French! In this first period class, you will experience a small taste for the language and culture so you are able to make a more informed decision when choosing a language to continue onto in 7th and 8th grade.

7th & 8th grade

Welcome to French I, where you will be studying the beginnings of this global language for the next two years! Level one is split into two parts due to the nature of an every other day schedule, however this timeline will prepare you to continue on your adventure of language learning in level two when you reach high school! Over the course of these two years, you will work on your reading, writing, comprehension, and oral skills in the following topics:

Q Alphabet, accent marks, phonetics

Q Greetings, farewells, basic conversation

Q Numbers, math, age

Q Time, date, weather, seasons

Q Being able to describe oneself and others

Q Classroom objects and subjects

Q Grammar including articles and adjective agreement

Q Conjugating verbs in the present tense

Q Forming and answering questions

Q Food, restaurant conversation

Q Location and transportation

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