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Mrs. Debra Tisdale

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Mrs. Debra Tisdale
English Language Development (ELD) Specialist
610-489-1230 ext. 2105

English Language Development

What is ELD?

English Language Development (ELD) is a systematic instructional model designed to develop the English language proficiency of English learners.  ELD instruction emphasizes the development of all four language domains: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

Perkiomen Valley School District ELD Program

The purpose of the program is to increase the English language proficiency of all limited English proficient students so they can meet state and district academic standards and enable them to participate fully and meaningfully in all programs and extracurricular activities offered in the district.


Guidelines for the ELD Program:

The ELD program is designed to provide planned instruction to meet each student’s individual needs based on the English language proficiency level as identified through multiple criteria in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Adequate content area support is provided while the student is learning English with a focus on both English Language Proficiency Standards and Academic Standards to ensure student achievement in both language and content.  ELD curriculum will be aligned to Pennsylvania’s English language arts standards and the PA English language proficiency standards.  Content area instruction will incorporate the PA English language proficiency standards as an overlay to Pennsylvania academic standards.

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