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ELD Websites
ELD Websites
500 Most Frequently Used English Words 
America's Story from America's Library 
Analogy Quiz 
Arcademic Skill Builders: Online Educational Games 
Basketball Game reviewing Verb Usage - past, present, and future 
Dictionary Games 
EduPup Educational Games 
EnglishLearner.com helps you learn English online with exercises on grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary and listening at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels 
Free Rice 
Funbrain - free educational games, online books, and comics 
Harcourt Science Glossary 
Holiday Zone: Activities for English Language Learners 
International Children's Digital Library - a collection of books that represents 
It's A Mad Libs World! 
Language Guide: Vocabulary, Grammar, & Readings 
Learn English Online with English Daily 
Learning Chocolate: A vocabulary learning platform that provides picture dictionaries and audio 
Learning Games for Kids 
Mangahigh.com - A games-based math teaching resource 
Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary Online 
Mission U.S. - A Historic Educational Game about the American Revolution 
Newspaper Map - find and translate newspapers in the world 
Online Language Dictionaries and Translators 
Project Gutenberg - a collection of free electronic books (eBooks) 
Self-Study Grammar Quizzes about Places 
Sheppard Software - free, educational games, activities, quizzes, articles and more for kids to engage in online!  
Starfall: Learn to Read at Starfall - Teaching Comprehension and Phonics 
Literacy Council of Norristown (LCN) - A non-profit organization that can help you improve your reading, writing, and math skills 
US Citizenship and Immigration Services 
USA Learns 
Voice of America - news articles with audio in English 
Words, Phrases, and Websites Translated Into Different Languages 
The United States Mint 
Trace Effects 
Welcome to the United States 
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