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Elizabeth Mosteller

"March Hiatus"

Kindergarten Work to Try at Home While Schools are Closed via State Directive:


While you read...

-Track the words left to right with finger

-Read sight words fluently or go on a sight word hunt

-tap out unknown words

-Use pictures and beginning/ middle/ ending sounds to figure out unknown words

-Follow punctuation marks carefully

-Use expression when you read


*Count, Sort, and Organize various items like legos or kitchen cans by different traits like color, size, number, etc.

*Count to 100 by:


-2’s (new skill we are just learning this week)



Reading Eggs!

+Access your account through Class Lanchpad on PV’s website.  You can try to level up a little more each day! 

+Or you can play reading games on ABC Ya! Or some other fun website you find!  

Make sure you have your parent’s permission to use the computer first, though!

Listen to Stories!

-Listen to a big brother or sister or parent or grandparent read stories to you as long as they will allow!

-Or...Watch Read Alouds on Video!  There are a ton of read aloud options on Youtube. 

-Talk about your favorite part, the characters/setting/events/problem/solution.  Make a connection to your life or experiences!


~Draw pictures or paint beautiful artwork.  Be sure to try different styles and include lots of details!

~Use clay or playdough to make letters (Upper and lower case!) and numbers or animals or anything your creative mind can imagine!


*Practice writing upper and lower letters using the guidelines (skyline, planeline, grassline, worm line).

*Practice writing simple sentences using sight words and cvc words.  A parent can dictate sentences to you! Practice using an uppercase letter first, leaving spaces between words, and adding punctuation at the end.  


-Whenever you are able, go outside and get fresh air!!  Run, spin, skip, celebrate the day away from screen time!  

-With a parent’s blessing, dig in the dirt, investigate cool rocks, look at bugs, go on nature walks for signs of spring, and discover the outdoors! 

Sing and dance!

*Listen to great music and dance around!  Check out Go Noodle, Jack Hartman, Harry kindergarten, scratch garden.  They have videos for kinders to practice concepts like vowels, rhyming words, and more!

Build and Design!

+With your building toys like legos, or with recyclables or trash like empty cereal boxes or TP rolls, etc.  Create and make fabulous inventions, build mini towns, create new are only limited by your imagination!  

Memorize Poetry!

-With a parent or sibling’s help, find a poem that you love and memorize it!  Shel Silverstein or Jack Prelutsky are two great poets to check out and there are so many more to discover! 

Play Boardgames!

~With a partner, use your counting and math skills to add money, reading skills to read directions and cards, and your good sportsmanship to enjoy playing together!

 Make cards and write letters!
*Go old school and send a card or letter via snail mail.  (Grandparents,Aunts, and Uncles would LOVE mail from you!!)

*Or with your parent’s help, email me to let me know what you’ve been up to!  I will be checking email a few times a day! 


*Please limit your screentime but when you do use it, choose wisely!  

*Check out Ted talks for Kids like this one:

*Watch these Mojo videos about mindfulness, empathy or growth mindset:

 Check out cool videos like this one:


How to help from home:

You can help your kindergartener at home by...
*READING with them every day.
*Helping them memorize SIGHT WORDS.
*Maintaining consistent daily routines for school-getting ready for school and doing homework calendar, having sneakers for gym day and books for library day, etc.
*Check green homework folder (Evergreen!) and clothespin (South!) each day for communication.
*Giving your kindergartener opportunities to build responsibility and accountability at home.   (age appropriate chores like making their own beds, helping set and clear dinner dishes, etc.)
*Sending in one healthy snack to school for fuel.
*Encouraging a CAN-DO attitude..."I can do hard things!"


AM K @ Evergreen
A-Phys. Ed.  (Wear Sneakers!)
C-Library (Return Books!)

PM K @ South
A- Library (Return Books!)
C- Explorations
E- Spanish
F- Phys. Ed (Wear Sneakers!)
Kindergarten Teacher

Contact Me
Mrs. Elizabeth Mosteller
Evergreen AM/South PM Kindergarten

Welcome to Mrs. Mosteller's Kindergarten Class!

At Evergreen Elementary in AM K and South for PM K, I am here to serve our children and lead them to develop essential skills for school and the world!  I originally earned my Bachelor's Degree from Penn State with an Early Childhood Education teaching certificate and later earned a Master's Degree in Elementary Ed before going on to become an ESL Specialist and Gifted Support Teacher.  I also have middle school and college teaching experience!  Now, I  am SO EXCITED to come to Kindergarten to put all my experience and expertise to work for our youngest learners!  Outside of school, I value time with family and friends, am an avid reader and writer, love sports, and enjoying time outside.  I am a lifelong learner and share kindergarteners' curiosity for life!  Together, we will have a WONDERFUL learning adventure in kindergarten!  

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