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Elizabeth Mosteller

ESL Specialist & Gifted Support Educator

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ESL Specialist & Gifted Support Educator
(610)489-2991 ext. 4739

Unwrap your Gifts for Learning!

Mrs. Mosteller's classes work collaboratively to learn and grow every day!  

Gifted Support
Gifted Support at South Elementary is a pull-out enrichment program where students collaborate and use creative problem solving skills to discover new learning about themselves and their world!  Everything we do in our class supports and extends classroom learning and is differentiated toward each child's unique learning strength.  

English Language Development/ELD (formerly known as ESL)
English Language Development  is for English Learners (ELs) who know more than one language and receive various supports to develop the English skills essential for school success.  We focus on all four domains of language-Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing and extend learning across all content areas to meet each El's language levels and needs.

2017-18 ELD Class Overview

2017-18 Gifted Support Overview