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Erika Sturman

Erika Sturman
Kindergarten Teacher
[610-409-9701 ext.4110]

Welcome to Kindergarten!

August 2019


Hi and welcome to kindergarten!   I am Mrs. Sturman, your new kindergarten teacher!   I am so happy to have you in my class.   Kindergarten is such an exciting place and we have lots of neat things planned!   I know that together, we will have an exciting and fun-filled school year full of new and interesting things to learn and do! 

am looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday, August 20th, for our Kindergarten Orientation Day! We will be able to meet each other and you will get to see our room! You will also get to meet your new friends! We have a kindergarten playground that I know you will LOVE!    

I hope you are having a fabulous summer vacation.   I have been enjoying the beach, have had picnics in my backyard and have spent lots of time with my family.   I have also been reading many new books because I LOVE  to read.   I am excited to share some of my favorite books with you!   I can't wait to learn more about you and the things that you enjoy.

Our first day of school is Monday, August 26th. 

All you need to bring with you is:   

  • a backpack big enough for a letter-sized folder (I will give you a folder on the 1st day of school)
  • a small , healthy snack (we only have a short time to eat)
  • a drink (water only)
  • your best manners
  • a big smile J  


When school starts, I will meet my morning class in the Cafetorium for the first few days.   This includes children being dropped off, those walking to school and those taking the bus.    Once you arrive, we will walk to our room together.   Plenty of people will be around to make sure we find each other so no need to worry about finding our room!    Please start learning your bus number for the ride home.   I can't wait to meet you!!


Enjoy the rest of your summer!   See you soon! J

Love Mrs. Sturman

    Kindergarten Supplies   



These are the items to purchase for our kindergarten program.


·        1 box of Kleenex

·        1 box of 8 thin Crayola crayons (basic colors only please, since we share)

·        1 box of 16 thin Crayola crayons (basic colors only please, since we share)

·        1 box of 24 thin Crayola crayons (basic colors only please, since we share)

·        1 box of 8 Crayola broad markers (basic colors only please, since we share)

·        Elmer’s Glue Sticks (2 or more)

·         1 Lysol wipe container

·        4 pack of Expo dry erase markers (black)


***Optional but Helpful for our Classroom:

basic headphones for the computers (no earbuds), glue sticks, highlighters, cotton balls, cotton swabs, plain crackers, Goldfish or pretzels for anyone that forgets their snack

***Please do not label any of the supplies with your child’s name as we do share all supplies. J

***Also, please only buy the items from this supply list, you do not need to refer to the school’s website for additional supply items.

***Please bring your supplies to school on the day of Kindergarten Orientation; Tuesday, August 20th.



Thank You, Mrs. Sturman J

Kindergarten Team