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Janice Wagman

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 Biology, Forensic Science and Human Genetics Teacher
Medical Sciences Club Advisor
610-489-1230 ext. 2307

My Classes

The mission of the Perkiomen Valley School District is to provide a rich academic and cultural learning environment that maximizes available resources to assure that all students grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally, attaining the skills necessary to become successful citizens. 

Biology (all levels)

Biology is designed to provide the student with critical thinking opportunities to evaluate and understand science as inquiry. Themes carried throughout the year are the history and nature of science and the integration of science and technology. Living organisms are studied in reference to their structure and function at the cellular level which encompasses matter, energy, organization, biochemistry, cell processes, and the molecular basis of heredity. Organisms are studied at the macroscopic level through the following: life cycles, reproduction, diversity, adaptation, life origins, interdependence and behavior in the environment. The integration of living phyla, comparative morphology, homeostasis, population ecology, and nonrenewable resources support the themes throughout the course.

In Biology the emphasis is on scientific inquiry, the scientific process, and laboratory skills. During the year you will learn scientific writing skills, examine current biological issues, and make connections between biology and the world around you. Keen observation, good scientific technique, and a willingness to learn are essential to your success.

You will find that biology is challenging, but it can also be fun. If you come to class with a positive attitude, an open mind, and a willingness to work hard you will be successful. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that is how you learn. Remember “Even Einstein asked questions”. 

Forensic Science 

Forensic science is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to the legal system. Forensic science uses highly developed technologies to uncover scientific evidence in a variety of fields. The scientific process and laboratory skills are emphasized along with connections to other scientific disciplines. Students learn scientific writing skills and will also examine the forensic science used to solve criminal cases.  Students in this class are expected to complete detailed lab reports, current events and major projects.

Human Genetics

Students will continue their study of human biology by delving deeper into the study of genetics. This course offers an in-depth study of genetics including but not limited to the following topics: inheritance, genetic disorders, DNA technology, and the future of genetics in medicine, agriculture, and one’s life. Mathematical analysis of laboratory activities and inquiry based work will guide students through the material. An emphasis will be placed on problem solving, decision making skills and critical thinking.


Medical Sciences Club
Club Purpose: 
• The purpose of the medical sciences club is to provide students at PVHS with opportunities to explore and gain more knowledge about different careers in the medical sciences. Students will use this knowledge to help guide them in course selection during their high school career, to provide them with information to allow them to make a decision regarding their choice of future career paths and to help them make informed choices about their post high school education. 

Club goals:
• Students will explore careers in the medical sciences by bringing in guest speakers or going on site visits.
• Students will explore and discuss current topics in medicine, medical innovations, and other medical related issues.
• Students will explore and discuss science related courses and opportunities at and through PVHS and will be given guidance in course selection.
• Students will explore post high school educational opportunities in the medical sciences, research colleges and universities to help them choose a post high school educational location that is best for them, including exploring the requirements and admission process for these educational institutes.
• Students will explore volunteer opportunities in the medical sciences, such as at a local hospital or physician’s office.