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Mrs. Stout

                                                                                                                August 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope you are enjoying your summer!  As the summer comes to an end, it is time to start thinking about first grade. I hope you are getting excited; I know I am.

Below you will find a list of school supplies that you will need for the year:

*Supply Box to hold pencils, crayons, scissors and erasers. It should be one that stays closed and will fit inside your desk. No zippered pencil cases please.  

*8 large glue sticks (We go through a lot of glue sticks in first grade!)

*Smock for Art Class (can be an old shirt)

*2 spare socks (to use as an eraser)

*2 boxes of 24 crayons (Please do not buy a bigger pack)

*8 bullet tip or thin Expo markers (BLACK ONLY)

*Box of tissues

*Bottle of Hand Sanitizer

*One Folder (you can choose design and color)

*One 1 subject notebook

*1 inch binder

*2 Boxes of 12 plain #2 pencils (sharpened)


*1 box of pencil top erasers

*1 container of disinfecting surface wipes

*Pack of “Fine Line” Colored Markers (like the skinny Crayola markers…optional)

*Headphone or ear buds (please be sure they fit your child before sending them in--headphones usually fit better).

Please only put your name on: smock, binder, notebook and folder.

Refer to the bottom of this letter for what should go into your child’s pencil box.  The rest can be put altogether in a bag and will go in the classroom supply to get us through the year.

I look forward to seeing the students on the first day of school, Monday, August 26, 2019. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer!  See you soon.


Mrs. Stout

Items to be put in pencil box:

*1 glue stick

*1 block eraser

*1 sock (to be used as an eraser for whiteboards)

*1 box of crayons (24 pack ONLY!)

*2 EXPO markers (black ONLY!)

*4 sharpened pencils *Scissors

*Thin tip markers (optional)