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The Perkiomen Valley Art Department provides a K-12 arts education of the highest quality for all students.  The department introduces art to our beginning students to a diverse range of art making processes and helps students to build their artistic and creative skills.  Advanced students are guided in improving their skills, expanding their creative vision, and contributing to society as artists.
3rd Annual PV Art and Food Truck Festival
Saturday June 2nd
Perkiomen Valley High School

Contact Me
Jill Seitz, Art Teacher    
610-961-7064  x5113

See Mrs. Seitz for order forms

Student Artwork
Current Units of Study
KPlus- X=X-Ray
Kindergarten- Scuba Divers with Bubble Printing using Texture
First Grade- Swimmer Portraits
Second Grade- Pirate Portraits
Third Grade- Scuba Diver Portraits
Fourth Grade- Contour Line Cactus Drawings
Fifth Grade- Color Wheel/Tertiary Color Paintings