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Kate Yeager

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Kate Yeager
Math Teacher       
(484)977-7210 ext. 3744

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Mrs. Yeager’s Math Class Expectations           

What to Bring to Class Daily:   

Please bring to class your Chromebook, calculator, a pencil or erasable pen, and a notebook. 

Upon entering class, please take out homework and materials immediately.


Homework is assigned a few times a week.  It is graded for completion, not accuracy.  If you can’t do your homework, it is expected that you will seek help during 1st period to help you learn the material.  Along with classwork, it will count for 20% of your grade.  Assignments are considered late if they are not completed and shown/turned in at the designated time.  Late assignments will be accepted for half credit , if handed in the next school day.

Tests and quizzes: 

All tests and quizzes should be completed in one class period.  There is no extra time, unless you have it pre-approved with me. 

I allow quiz corrections. The quiz grades will be averaged together for the final score.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this policy, you must make corrections in a timely manner on a separate sheet of paper, and it must be done by the end of the marking period.

What to Do If You Are Absent: 

If you are absent, get caught up immediately.  A lot of math builds on itself, so if you missed yesterday’s material, you can’t do today’s stuff until you get caught up.  Please make sure you are caught up by the time the quiz/test comes.  It is a horrible feeling to see material on a quiz that you never learned because you were not here.

 If you are absent on a test/quiz day, please take it the day you get back.  I can’t give the class their graded assessments until everyone has taken it.  Plus, you want to take the quiz while the material is still fresh in your mind.


When buying a scientific calculator look for “Sin, Cos, Tan” somewhere on the calculator.

If you want to purchase a graphing calculator, the district uses the TI-84.

If you forget your calculator at school, and you need one to do the homework, use an online calculator if you have internet access at home.

Available Help: 

You get help with math 1st period in Mrs. Yeager’s room.  There are many sites that can provide math help, including the online textbook.  I really like, You Tube, Google and   Students can utilize the Google Classroom and the online textbook for extra examples, practice and help.

Test Taking Tips


1.        On exam day, have breakfast, if your quiz is in the morning, or lunch, if your quiz is in the afternoon.  Make sure you eat at least two hours before the quiz.

2.        Assume that you may panic sometimes.   So say to yourself, “Well, I may as well relax because I expected this.” Take a deep breath, let it out slowly.

3.        Do the easy ones first.   When you get the exam, look it over thoroughly. Read each question. (Save the hardest ones for last.)

4.        Math exams are usually timed – but remember, it’s not a race!

5.        SHOW YOUR WORK.   In math, having the right answer is nice – but it doesn’t pay the bills.

6.        Remember, it is only a math test.  Place things in perspective. Fear of the exam will make it seem like a much bigger deal than it really is, so remind yourself that it is not a test of your overall intelligence, of your worth as a person, or of your prospects for success in life.  Your future happiness will not be determined by it.

7.        When you get the exam back, use it to help you learn.  Don’t bury it or burn it or treat it like it doesn’t exist – use it. Discover your mistakes and understand them thoroughly. After all, if you don’t learn from your mistakes, you are likely to make them again. 

The mission of the Perkiomen Valley School District is to provide a rich academic and cultural learning environment that maximizes available resources to assure that all students grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally, attaining the skills necessary to become successful citizens.