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Kathy Todd / SCIENCE

Kathleen M. Todd
Sixth Grade SCIENCE
Element Team
484.977.7210 ext. 3216

All students will begin the year learning and applying scientific thinking.  This will include science process skills, lab safety, becoming familiar with using the International System of Unites and the proper use of scientific instruments. 

This year, the dynamically ever-changing Earth will be our focus.  As we gain a deeper understanding of our planet, I hope our students will gain a deeper appreciation for it as well.  Although we do not have a text book, research-based resources are always used and connected to the content.  Some of these expert resources include USGS, NASA, NOAA, NPS, Franklin Institute, Smithsonian Institute, etc.
Specific units include:
Earth history and Geology
Sun, Earth, Moon System
Weather & Climate

In Science this year, we will use SCIENTIFIC INQUIRY.  Scientific Inquiry refers to the diverse ways in which students study the natural world and propose their own explanations based on the evidence derived from our investigations.  
Students will learn that their inquiries and theories can be revised.  Scientific thinking is paramount; therefore the need for a correct answer is DE-emphasized.  A hypothesis which is contradicted provides valuable information which leads to greater understanding.  In our class, questions, connections, individual ideas, unique approaches, and finding relevance to our learning is valued and encouraged.  
Take a risk!

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