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Kim Hannis

Contact Me:
Mrs. Kim Hannis
3rd Grade Teacher
610-489-2991 Ext. 4622

Welcome to 3rd Grade! 

Mrs. Hannis’ “Room 22 Crew”

It is soon time for us to meet and have a wonderful school year together. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your new classmates by playing some games and doing fun activities on the first day of school! It is important for our class to work on building a TEAM so that we can all feel comfortable working closely together throughout the school year.

What is it like in 3rdgrade?

No need to worry or be nervous about entering 3rd grade. It starts out just like 2nd grade, but you will be amazed at what you will be able to do by the end of the year. Learning multiplication facts, reading novels, writing longer, amazing stories, and participating in  Book Clubs—just to name a few!

We also learn the phases of the moon and explore the solar system by visiting a planetarium. We will study the hardships and cleverness of surviving in the life of the Native Americans- the first people in our country. We will talk about the Amish community- a very unique culture of simple people that do not use cars or electricity and live in parts of our very own state of Pennsylvania.   In the spring, you will choose your favorite famous person to research and dress up like to present your information in a “Living Museum.” When someone pushes your button, you will come alive and tell the facts about your life and achievements. This is also the year that you may sign up to play a string instrument, as well.

What is my new Teacher like?    

I have 17 yr. old twin daughters entering 11th grade at OJR High School. I absolutely LOVE dogs!  I have two really cute, little dogs that some people call “unattractive”, but I like the scrappy, straggly, odd looking dogs that no one else wants!  I always rescue my pets from animal shelters.  I also have a white chinchilla (very rare, almost Albino) named Snow White, “Snowy” for short.  I am very interested in all types of animals, especially the ones in the wild that are being held in captivity, such as circuses, side shows, and as pets. I am active in groups that work to free these animals and help support the organizations that work hard to place them where they belong. In science this year, we will study animal habitats, adaptations and threatened and endangered animals in the wild. I also enjoy reading aloud books to my students about animals, especially fictional-fantasy types of stories with animals as the main characters.





What are some things I need to know about  this year?

We have a great schedule, which includes many breaks between subjects. You may bring a snack every day, as long as it is somewhat healthy, not sticky and messy, and NOT candy! 

We have two great field trips this year. The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, the Planetarium to view the stars and planets, and also, the Elmwood Zoo will come visit us in the spring with some LIVE animals to observe.

What do I need to bring to school?

Please bring the following items to school already opened and packed inside pencil box. Any extra supplies should be in a gallon sized plastic ZIPPER closable bag with student’s name on it. Also, put your name on ALL of the supplies that you bring to school, too!!  

PLEASE DO NOT BRING MORE supplies than listed. There is no room to store them in your desk, and a limited amount of space to put the extra items.  The students can always replenish items throughout the school year.

·         Pencil/Supply Box – the hard snap-close type. NOT the                         extended, extra-large one, please!

·        2  Boxes of #2 pencils (or 1 box of 24)

·        1-3 (no more)  white board EXPO marker and an eraser

·        2 highlighters (2 different colors)

·        1 folder of your choice

·        Colored pencils (no need for crayons)

·        Scissors

·        EARBUDS or HEADPHONES- These are very important!  Please place in a closeable bag or baggie labeled with NAME

** The district website supply list may differ from the one above. Please use this list.

** South’s H&S will purchase and supply every student with an Assignment Agenda Book!

OPTIONAL ITEMS:  water bottle, little package of tissues to fit inside desk, mini hand sanitizer squeeze bottle (not the pump), 3 book covers, Art smock, a sweatshirt or sweater (with NAME on tag) to leave in closet for the fluctuating temperature in the classroom.


 We are always in need of, and appreciate greatly, any donations of the following:



          Enjoy the rest of your summer!! If you or your child would like to email me with any questions, concerns or just to tell me a little about yourself; please do!

                See you VERY soon,                                                             

                                      Mrs. Kim Hannis