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Mrs. Flicker's 5th Grade Class

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Contact Information:
Mrs. Flicker
5th Grade Teacher
(610) 409-9751
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Summer Remote Learning Opportunities
Please use the available sites below to keep your skills current and active.
 Learning Extensions and Independent Learning Opportunities


EdHelper Math workbooks

Khan Academy

You should be able to login with your PVSD Google info.  I’ve rostered our class and set a mastery goal. This is 5th and 6th grade math. 

Exact Path

Log in with your ClassLink (PVSD Launchpad) as we do at school. 


 I’ve rostered the class and you have a specific login, but your password should be your PVSD Google password.  Look for your login here BEFORE you go to the website.

Xtra Math - Fact fluency practice





New DAILY workbooks for all grade levels:

Raz-Kids is a digital resource that provides a library of differentiated books students can use to practice reading wherever they are.  Subscriptions are free for the remainder of the year.

Headsprout is an online K–5 reading program that adapts to the needs of the individual student. It is self-paced, which makes it ideal for at-home practice.

Newsela  Stay up to date on the news of the world.  There are other things going on other than coronavirus.

If your parents haven’t signed up for a free 30 day trial of Epic!, now is probably the time to try it out.  


Ebooks on Evergreen Elementary Library

Mrs. Lane has shown you how to get books, but directions should also be on the Library Google Classroom page. Click on Evergreen Elementary. Type "ebook" into search box and choose "keyword". There are two different companies of ebooks, Capstone and Mackinvia. Capstone is simultaneous use (means all of your students can read the same book at the same time) and all of the books can read to the user. This is a link straight to the Capstone webpage where our Capstone eBooks are. These eBooks are simultaneous use (all students can read at same time) and read to the user. If asked to sign in: Username: evergreen Password: school

Mackinvia has limited copies (which you can checkout) and not all of the books read to the user.  This is the link to our Mackinvia eBooks. These books can be checked out (for 14 days), have a limited number of copies and you need to be signed into your school Google account in order to view the books. If asked click "Google SSO" to sign in.

Social Studies


Digital History


At home Science experiments -


Various Educational Platforms are offering Online Education Programs for Kids Pre-K - 6th Grade for Free when you apply promo code SCHOOL7771

I believe credit card info is not required for current subscription and is intended for parents whose children have been impacted by recent school closings.

BrainPop -  Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology.  Username and password provides free access to BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr., BrainPOP ELL, BrainPOP Français, and BrainPOP Español. Once you’ve logged in, click on Moby’s head in the top left corner to see all of the content.  


I’m sure there’s something that you’ve wanted to learn or improve on - maybe it’s learning to type the right way, make a stop-motion movie, build a Rube-Goldberg machine, or something else cool!  Learn about it, share with me what you are working on.  Keep a log of what you do each day and for how long. You’ll be able to look back on it and impress yourself with your personal growth.




Welcome to Fifth Grade!

This year we will learn how to use a growth mindset, collaborate with classmates, and grow as lifelong learners.  We will work together to use critical thinking skills, perseverance strategies, and apply problem solving techniques to achieve success academically and socially.

What can you expect in fifth grade?

Fifth grade will be the #bestyearever! We are going to have a year full of meaningful learning and fun adventures. This year, you will learn how to use a growth mindset, problem solve, and become lifelong learners. You will have the opportunity to switch to a different classroom and teacher for math. This year you will learn about colonial times and participate in Colonial Expo and Colonial Fair. You will also participate in the 40 Book Challenge!

Being a fifth grader comes with a lot of responsibility and high expectations. You are now a role model for all students at Evergreen! My goal is to help you learn responsibility and achieve high expectations using the 3R’s:  Respectful, Responsible, and Ready. Our classroom is a community where we respect each other and grow as learners.

What supplies do I need?

*two 3-subject spiral notebooks (wide ruled)      *hard cover composition notebook

*pencil box/zipper pouch                             *1 box of 24 colored pencils

*2 boxes of pencils                                   *dry erase markers/eraser

*5 folders with prongs (1 of each color: red, green, yellow, blue, and one of your choice-plastic folders last forever!)                  * 3 big glue sticks

*headphones or earbuds                              *calculator

*1 pack of sticky notes                                 *two boxes of tissue

Printable Welcome Back Letter and Supply List

Important Information

(Only Enrolled Students May Access)
Math Homework Help