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Tony Jordan

August, 2018

Dear Fourth Grader,                                                                                                                                        

It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of our summer vacation and getting ready to start a brand new school year! My name is Mr. Jordan and I will be your homeroom teacher this year. We will be working closely with Mrs. Gerber and her homeroom to collaborate and team teach.

I have been busy this summer preparing for our time together and I can guarantee that your fourth grade year will be an unforgettable one! I am looking forward to exploring a wealth of new topics and concepts with you within the fourth grade curriculum!

Not only will we be busy in the classroom, but we also have some great field trips planned for this year. The Perkiomen Watershed and The Churchville Nature Center are some of the fourth grade trips that tie into our curriculum to help you experience firsthand what you will be learning in your various subject areas. It is certainly going to be a memorable year!

So finally, as you begin preparing for the new school year please start to gather the following items, which each student in our class will be expected to have on the first day of school:



Two thin black Expo dry-erase markers

Three packs of 3x3 size Post-It notes

One pencil supply box or pencil bag

One box of sharpened #2 pencils

Two boxes of tissues

Two composition books or single-subject spiral notebooks

One pair of ear buds for computer use

One chapter book to read for the first week



I hope that you will continue to enjoy the remainder of your summer. I can’t wait to hear all about it! Don’t forget to pass this letter on to your parents so that they get the information too!  We have a “brag board” in our room or you to hang up things about yourselves, so feel free to bring in some pictures or whatever.   I am looking forward to meeting each of you on our first day together, August 27, 2018! Our room number is 13. See you then!






Mr. Jordan

Tony Jordan
Fourth Grade Teacher
484-961-7064 X5213

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