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Wendy Town

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Instructional Support Team Teacher
484-971-7064, ext. 5116

What is IST?

The Instructional Support Team (IST) is an innovative program intended to maximize individual student success in the regular classroom.  IST is a positive, success‐oriented program which uses specific assessments and interventions to help remove educational and behavioral stumbling blocks for all students in the regular classroom. 

The program shifts the critical question in education from asking “What’s wrong with the student?” to “What resources can we use to increase the student’s chances for success?”  IST answers this question through a team approach that provides for greater cohesiveness, coordination, and instructional continuity; IST also complements existing curriculum and instructional programs. 

Any student who experiences consistent academic or behavioral problems may be considered a candidate for IST.  This includes students beginning to display problems in regular education as well as students with disabilities who are included in regular education programs.  Students are identified for IST services by a classroom teacher, other educators, or parents.