Activities & Happenings from Around the District

Welcome to our Monthly Showcase.  We are proud to share Activities & Happenings from around the district!

Thank you to our Building News Coordinators for their contributions to PV’s Showcase: Bridget Komara (EG), Wendy Ledford (SCH), Peggy Jacobson (SK), Jen Derstine (SO), Gina Kratz (MSE), Donna Muscatello (MSW), and Tom Komp (HS).


Highlights from April 2023

March Madness

PV High School: M. Mussie won the March Madness Competition in Ms. Moliver's HPE class. She predicted all 4 teams for the Women's Final Four Bracket.

Contemporary English Studies Field Trip

PV High School: The Contemporary English Studies class toured the Automotive Training Center in Warminster on April 12th. Aside from touring the campus, the students were also witnesses to various demonstrations about diesel engines, collision repair, marine engines, and engine dynamometer (dyno). Students participated in a logic puzzle to enhance their team building and collaboration skills. Students gained insight to various opportunities that are available to them post-secondary school.

Key Club

PV High School: Key Club recently held a stream clean up at several locations around Green Lane Park. This event was hosted by the Perkiomen Valley Watshershed Conservancy. Each location had around 12 volunteers of kids from grades 9-12.

Bus Driver Appreciation

Skippack Elementary: Under the leadership of Mrs. Ciuba and Ms. Caffee, teachers and students grouped together to show gratitude and appreciation to those who safely drive our students to and from school everyday. Creative and energetic students lined the bus deck with signs and banners of appreciation for their favorite bus drivers to read as they pulled into formation. A grab and go basket of treats was also delivered to the bus base for all drivers to enjoy. As a caring Skippack Elementary School community we say, "Thank You" to our bus drivers as they continue to "ROLL" throughout the year.

Surprise Visit

Evergreen Elementary: 4th grade student, Jaxon H., was shocked and elated one day when the knock on his classroom door was a surprise visit from his sister, Emily! Emily has been deployed with the US Navy serving our country for several months overseas. On behalf of our entire school community we would like to thank Emily for her service and dedication!

Book Fair

South Elementary: Students enjoyed visiting the “Superhero” book fair. Pictured is a fifth grade student, K. Weed, helping kindergarten students do their shopping.

5th Grade Music Performance

South Elementary: 5th graders, under the direction of Mrs. Maxymillian, performed a spring concert for their parents after school in April. Using the skills they learned in music class, students sang, played the ukulele and melody bells, and even danced with homemade Hawaiian puili sticks. "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles was a crowd favorite, followed by a few songs sung in the Hawaiian language. Students closed out the program with the well-known Hawaiian song, "Aloha 'Oe". Thanks to ESSR funds, South Elementary has a classroom set of ukuleles that 5th graders are able to use.

Nat'l Library Week

Middle School East: The Library celebrated National Library Week with morning announcement book talks, a poster raffle and a focus on books that celebrate diversity. In addition, Mrs. Kratz's 6th grade Digital Literacy classes created 60 second "Book-Toks" using Flip as a way to recommend their favorite books to fellow students. Remember, everyone belongs at the MS East Library.

Churchville Nature Center Visits

Evergreen Elementary: Third grade students were treated to a visit from the Churchville Nature Center. They were excited to spend the after visiting various learning stations to get a hands-on experience.

Take Your Child to Work!

Middle School East: Take Your Child to Work Day was a huge success. In addition to learning about the job of their parents, staff’s children participated in a variety of fun activities with our students

Wellness Day

Schwenksville Elementary: The spotlight is on wellness! Health and Wellness teacher, Mrs. Long, has organized a Wellness Team with interested 4th grade students. The goal of the team is to find ways to promote wellness at the school. This can include being kind to others, encouraging healthy eating and exercise, discouraging bullying, and finding ways to make school a positive experience for everyone. The students will also be involved in planning the school’s wellness fair next year.

Visit from State Troopers

Skippack Elementary: Loca State Troopers came to speak to our 4th & 5th graders. Students learned about the job of a state trooper and discussed safety & social media.

Pirate Day

Schwenksville Elementary: Mrs. Davis’s first grade class recently held a “Pirate Day” to celebrate the school’s Bell 3 Behavior (We Are Safe, Responsible, and Respectful) and to reinforce the sound “AR”. The students went on a hunt for words with AR on the playground, made treasure boxes, and filled their treasure chests with gold that matched their numbers.


Middle School West: Students in Mr. Zacharias' eighth gradeTechnology & Innovations classes were building computers this week! The Raspberry Pi-powered Kano Computer Kits teach kids about building and programming PCs while making the process fun and rewarding. The activity had the learners describe the components of a computer system, including hardware, operating systems, and applications; give examples of how computers are used in the real world, then build a computer and write lines of code.

Free Little Library

Skippack Elementary: Mrs. Hang, school counselor, and friends load up our new Free Little Library. Take a book, leave a book.

Holocaust Survivor

Middle School East: 8th graders experienced a very powerful presentation from a Holocaust Survivor, Mr. Daniel Goldsmith. Mr. Goldsmith was 8 years old when the German army invaded and 12 years old when he was finally liberated. The students were permitted to ask questions at the end. The presentation is at the conclusion of a Holocaust Unit in 8th Grade. .

Forensic Science

Middle School West: As an introduction to a unit on forensic science, Ms. Kashey escorted her eighth grade gifted students to the Center for Forensic Science Research in Willow Grove. The CFSRE conducts research, development, and new technology assessment, and delivers educational and training services for the forensic science community and beyond.

Berman Museum of Art

Middle School West: The East and West Art Club members toured The Berman Museum of Art at the Ursinus College Campus in Collegeville on Thursday, April 20th. As a teaching museum on a liberal arts college campus, the Berman Museum of Art fosters a greater understanding of the visual arts in the learning process and society at large. The students were guided through the indoor art and outdoor sculpture exhibits by the museum's curator and some of the college's art students. They also participated in outdoor sketching and Model Magic sculpting activities. The PV Art Department used a portion of the Art & Food Truck Festival proceeds to cover the cost for students. Thank you to Betsy Witt for hosting us and supplying us with all of the art materials needed, as well as organizing the student docents. We look forward to keeping a relationship with Ursinus and the Berman Museum in the future.

School Store

Schwenksville Elementary: Under the direction of Instructional Support Teacher, Mrs. Town, the school store is a great learning opportunity at Schwenksville Elementary School. From consumer to retailer and from math skills to communication skills – hands on learning is definitely in action. Additionally, the students really enjoy shopping and/or being the cashier.


South Elementary: During Wellness class, the 5th graders at South Elementary enjoy planting a garden and watching it grow.

Choir Concert

Evergreen Elementary: After several months of rehearsals, our fifth grade students were excited to perform their annual spring concert for families and friends. They put on a great show and everyone enjoyed the lively performance!


Highlights from March 2023

Spring Book Fair

Evergreen Elementary: This month, we hosted their annual Spring Book Fair. The theme of this year’s fair was Under The Sea. Students and families enjoyed looking and purchasing books while surrounded by ocean themed decorations.

AP Art Visit

PV High School: AP Art students visited SEI Investments in Oaks to tour the West Collection. Over 810 artists, almost 4000 pieces in the collection. We were able to see a portion of the collection, including their new Valley View building. Thank you to SEI for this unique opportunity.

Art Show

South Elementary: Our elementary artists focused their studies on Pennsylvania, studying artists, famous people, historical locations, and landmarks to create unique works of art. They welcomed their families to view their masterpieces at the annual art show.

Bark Busters

Evergreen Elementary: Our first grade students were excited to participate in a presentation by Bark Busters. They learned about animal safety and how to interact with new dogs they may meet while out on a walk, at the park, or at a friend’s house.

Pop music vs. Poetry

Middle School West: March Madness has taken over Adventure English - Pop music vs. Poetry. Students are reviewing elements of poetry by comparing song lyrics to poems. By using specific elements of poetry like rhyme, alliteration, and figurative language, they vote on each song and poem. In the fourth round, the winning song and poem will compete for the piece that best utilizes elements of poetry.

Mystery Readers

Skippack Elementary: Our classroom teachers love to invite Mystery Readers in to read to the students. Given clues, students try to guess the mystery reader!

March Madness

South Elementary: Second grade students competed in a March Madness of their own with an addition facts competition! Classes competed to see who would be the bracket winner. Mr. Trinkle’s 2nd grade class walked away with the trophy.

Alternate Energy

Middle School East: Students in Mr. Hughes's 8th grade science classes researched alternative forms of energy. As a group, students created a presentation and took turns presenting to small groups in the library. This was different from a traditional presentation in front of the entire class because they had to present 4 different times to 4 different small groups of people. In addition to many life lessons, the students learned that accountability, preparation, and practice go a long way to feeling comfortable when having to present in front of an audience.

Reading Olympics

Middle School East: Two teams competed in the Montgomery County Reading Olympics competition on March 16th. Both teams earned BLUE RIBBONS! Congratulations to these enthusiastic readers.

Service Club

Schwenksville Elementary: Our 5th grade service club, under the direction of school counselor, Mrs. Hyman, held a food donation drive for the Ronald McDonald House. Thank you to all of the students, staff, and families for supporting this effort.


PV High School: Students and teachers from the High School, MSE and MSW were introduced to the technique of Raku, an ancient Japanese ceramics technique that has been used for many centuries to create a very unique finish to wares. Students created their pieces - which will be fired by a local company.

Outdoor Classroom

Schwenksville Elementary: Third grade students in Mrs. Masciantonio’s classroom enjoyed planting seeds in the outdoor classroom.

Reading Olympics

South Elementary: Fifth grade readers participated in the Reading Olympics competition, hosted by the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. The readers on South's Bookaneers teams read a total of 153 books and practiced for four months to prepare for this event. They competed in three rounds of questions against neighboring schools, collaborating as teams to determine correct answers, and earned blue and red ribbons based on their scores. Congratulations, Reading Olympians!

Tower of Hanoi

Middle School West: Students in Dr. Weir and Mr. Hayes' sixth grade Technical Education classes were introduced to woodworking with the Tower of Hanoi puzzle project. In the Tower of Hanoi puzzle, a player attempts to move a large pile of disks, known as the Tower, from the leftmost peg to the rightmost on the puzzle board. The students manufactured their wooden puzzles using hole saws, disc sanders and drills , then hand sanded and stained them. Woodworking is a natural STEM activity that incorporates mathematical thinking, scientific investigation and develops knowledge of technology.

Birthday Twins

Evergreen Elementary: Evergreen students (and staff!) get so excited when they discover they are birthday twins!


Skippack Elementary: For our annual BASH, Book Fair, Art Show, Hoagie Sale, art teacher Mrs. Fox displays students' artwork and creativity. Families are welcome!

Dino Dig

Skippack Elementary: Each year our 2nd grade students participate in a Dino Dig in their classrooms. The students had a great time digging for dinosaur fossils.

Author VIsit

Middle School East: Renowned YA author, Jordan Sonnenblick, visited East in late March. The two morning assemblies were well-received by students and staff and delivered a message of how to find happiness in life. Mr. Sonnenblick autographed books and ran a writing workshop in the afternoon for over fifty students.

Hatching Chicks

Middle School West: As part of a unit on embryology, cell reproduction, osmosis, and animal adaptations, students in Ms. Emers' seventh grade science classes witnessed the miracle of life hatching 36 bantam chicken eggs.


Highlights from February 2023

Random Acts of Kindness

South Elementary: Staff & students celebrated Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) week with the theme, "Cover South with Kindness." One act of kindness can go a long way in creating more acts of kindness! Activities included each class making their own “Kindness Quilt,” documenting all of the acts of kindness the students planned to show during RAK week!. The classroom quilts were combined to create one BIG South Kindness Quilt, displayed for all students to see.

Rain Rain - Go Away?

Evergreen Elementary: Rainy days don’t get us down! Students enjoy the time playing boards and catching up with their friends! Battleship is always a hit with our fourth graders!

Engineer Visit

Schwenksville Elementary: Students in Mrs. Early’s third grade class have been studying engineering. The class recently had a visit from structural engineer (and parent volunteer), Mrs. Bird, to discuss her career, the engineering process, and different building systems. The students enjoyed participating in hands-on experiences using everyday objects to show how different parts of buildings are designed. Students used what they learned to construct a paper tower to hold a certain number of books from their desks.

Lucky Numbers & Debate

Middle School West: Are Lucky Numbers Real? The question was posed to students in Mrs. McCloskey's sixth grade math classes. Working in small groups in the library, the young mathematicians researched both sides of the argument, then formally chose a side. They formed a case, complete with rebuttals, to present to their classmates. All of this was done in a respectful discussion within a real debate scenario.

Tri-County HS Exhibit

PV High School: Several students' art work was selected to be on display at the 9th Annual Tri-County HS Exhibition at Montgomery Community College Pottstown! Congrats to: M. Cappel for winning a Certificate of Excellence for her photo of Waterdrops in Nature (photo included), S. Carcarey, K. Hautzinger, C. Santangelo, S. Speak, S. Londer , N. Sloa, S. Libby, M. Castano and A. Waligun.

Art Contest

South Elementary: Mrs. Bolc, art teacher, entered a selection of South artists' art work in the Community Club of Collegeville Festival of the Arts Contest! A work of art was chosen from each grade level. Congratulations to all participants: J. Mendez, K; S. Kwak, gr1 (won 2nd Place for 1st grade division, A. Shin, gr 2 (won 3rd Place for 2nd grade division); S. Kampf, gr 3; K. Kenny (won 3rd Place for 3rd grade division); N. Yarborogh, gr 4; J. Tyler & B. Autovino, gr 5.

Team vs Faculty

Middle School West: The girls basketball team held its last basketball practice of the season this month. To make it an enjoyable and memorable afternoon, Coach Faella mustered a team of faculty and staff members to play our girls in a scrimmage! Parents, faculty and staff were invited to watch and cheer. Fun was had by all! The aging, yet still nimble teacher team eked out a win; 48 to 32!

Soft Starts

Schwenksville Elementary: 4th grade teacher, Dr. Harrison, was awarded grant money from the Perkiomen Valley Foundation to implement “soft starts” in her classroom. With "soft starts," student are empowered to smoothly begin their day with challenging inquiry work and genuine engagement.

Library Lovers Month

PV High School: February is Library Lovers' Month. The library enjoyed several activities: Fine Forgiveness for students bringing in a donation to PV Power Packs; paper hearts to display a favorite book; and a Black History Month display.

Learning with the Groundhog

Schwenksville Elementary: Groundhogs don’t just predict the weather - they also help students learn. Mrs. Davis’s first grade class enjoyed celebrating Groundhog Day. They constructed hats and practiced sight words in relation to groundhogs.

Visit with Police Officers

Skippack Elementary: Mr. Pete, our in house security officer, set up a meet and greet in our Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms with Trooper William Butler and Lt. Webb. The discussion was about safety and the police officer role.

Day 101 of School

South Elementary: Second grade students continued with their tradition of celebrating the 101st day of school ( inspired by 101 Dalmatians)! Students participated in learning activities using the number 101. They practiced adding points to reach 101 in a cup toss, exchanged pennies and dimes to make $1.01, built 101 mosaics with pattern blocks, and more!

Singing in Spanish

Middle School West: Singing along to catchy tunes can help students practice speaking a foreign language. Students in Mrs. Zumbano's sixth grade Spanish classes incorporated this strategy by singing the popular "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" ditty to practice the words for body parts in Spanish!


Middle School West: Tecumseh was a Shawnee warrior chief who organized a Native American confederacy. As part of a unit on US Expansion, students in Mr. Merkl-Gump's eighth grade social studies classes were tasked with reading Tecumseh's famous speech then rewriting it in their own words.

Cards for Seniors

Skippack Elementary: Following a unit on Empathy and Compassion, students created cards for the residents at Meadowood Senior Living, the local nursing home.


Middle School East: The Home and School Association sponsored a fun-filled Bingo Night. Students socialized with friends, played bingo and won fantastic prizes. A wonderful night for all!

Art Contest

Evergreen Elementary: We are excited to announce the winners for the Annual Women’s Community Club of Collegeville Festival of the Arts Contest! Evergreen had three winners this year! Woohoo!
Division 1 (K-2) First Place- L. Lapaix; Division 2 (3-5) First Place- A. Czahor; Second Place- V. Arthur.
Our two first place winners will be moving onto the County level now, with a possibility of moving through to the State Level Contest. Congratulations to all 3 of our awesome artists and good luck to our first place winners as they move forward!


Evergreen Elementary: Our fifth graders were shocked to learn that while most students celebrated 100 days in school this year they celebrated their 1000th day in school! Students enjoyed some time outside to celebrate!

Artist Visit

PV High School: Students in Art Minor learn the art of graffiti with Philly artist Jim Thorpe as an extension of their Graffiti Self Portrait project. Jim enjoyed his time with our students and loved demonstrating his style on our ClearTouch panel.

Art Club

Skippack Elementary: The students are enjoying Mrs. Fox's Art Club, which meets bi-weekly. They work on various projects!

Ski Club

Middle School East: The Ski and Snowboard Club, made up of 54 students, had another enjoyable season! Although there was not a lot of snow, the club ventured to Bear Creek Mountain Resort for four fabulous adventures. This club is sponsored by Mr. Hughes, Mrs. Mullowney, and Mr. Ramus.


Highlights from January 2023

Food Drive

South Elementary: Mr. Grube’s 4th grade class decided to hold a food drive for the Daily Bread Community Food Pantry in Collegeville. Students collected close to 900 items - with a total weight of 1257.3 pounds!

School Store

Evergreen Elementary: Students are thrilled to visit the Evergreen School Store. Students in Mr. McGill’s class manage the store along with volunteers from our Evergreen families. Students help with set up, escorting our younger students to the store, and assisting them in making selections. They also run the cash register. Students are learning life skills and putting their math skills to work!

South Students Together

South Elementary: The Autistic Support teachers started a small-group program called “South Students Together.” The focus of the group is on creating opportunities for neurotypical students to work with students from our Autistic Support classrooms. Student volunteers participate in partner and team games, crafts, and gross motor activities at school.

Day of Service

Skippack Elementary: Students served their community in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They chose activities such as take home projects and community events.

The 80s

Schwenksville Elementary: First grade classes enjoyed a special dress up day to mark the 80th day of school. They went back to the 80’s with totally rad outfits and hairstyles!

Wooden Passive Speakers

Middle School West: Students in Dr. Weir's eighth grade Technical Education classes honed their woodworking skills by manufacturing a wooden passive speaker for their smartphones. Constructed from poplar boards, the novice woodworkers used hand saws, drill presses, band saws and drum sanders to create the initial components. After gluing the pieces together, they finished their speakers by hand sanding and applying a coat of wax. The results were impressive!

Viking Award

South Elementary: Students were awarded the Viking Award during a PBS assembly for being respectful, responsible, safe, and kind. Students and teachers then participated in a ring toss relay race! Teams tried to hook the ring on the viking helmet worn by the teachers!

Fun Football Fridays

Middle School East: Mr. Testa’s seventh grade social studies classes have been participating in Fun Football Fridays coinciding with the Eagles' playoff season. Students practiced geography skills by tracking players’ hometowns and the colleges they attended on the U.S. Map. Trends were analyzed and students learned that most players are from (and attended colleges in) the Eastern and Southern United States.


Middle School West: Studies show that reading and storytelling with babies and children promotes brain development and imagination, develops language and emotions, and strengthens relationships. Students in Mrs. Soupik's sixth grade Family Consumer Science classes discussed good storytelling practices and concepts during a unit on early child development. Afterwards, they practiced reading children's story books to each other!

On Trial

PV High School: Students in European studies performed the trial of Napoleon Bonaparte. Students played the roles of lawyers, witnesses, and jury members as a way to bring history to life. Classes generated authentic questions based upon real historical figures while also developing different aspects of higher level thinking. Napoleon was found guilty of crimes against humanity in most classes, but some juries cleared him of all charges.

Helping Hands

Evergreen Elementary: Students in Mrs. Tor’s fourth grade class formed a Helping Hands Club. The purpose of this club is to help others who in need. Students have decided that this winter they want to help the families at The Children’s Home of Reading. They made posters and a video asking for Evergreen students and families to help and donate various items. So far they have collected winter hats, gloves, board games and snacks.

MLK Essay Contest

Schwenksville Elementary: Fifth grade students participated in Ursinus College’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay Contest. The purpose of the contest was to encourage young people to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through inquiry, reflection, and personal expression. Students were to reflect on the life and times of Dr. King and prepare an entry that expressed how his words and actions are an inspiration and guide for their generation.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Skippack Elementary: PVHS student members of Big Brothers and Big Sisters visit Skippack once a month. Our students always look forward to seeing their PVHS friends.

Trout in the Classroom

Evergreen Elementary: Thanks to a grant from the PVSD Foundation, Mr. Tomlinson & Mrs. Voicheck were able to engage with Trout in the Classroom. The program is in full swing! Trout eggs have arrived and the tank is up and running! The students in Mr. Tomlinson’s class have planned monthly updates in a news broadcast format! They plan, write, and record their broadcasts then share out with the rest of the building!

Tinker Tank

Schwenksville Elementary: Third grade students visit the library to hear the story Just like Rube Goldberg: The Incredible True Story of the Man Behind the Machine. The students worked in groups in the Tinker Tank to plan and create their own Rube Goldberg machine.

Engaging in STEAM

Evergreen Elementary: Second grade students visit the library to learn and explore various STEAM skills. Students were very excited to share their STEAM creation- a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

Spelling Bee Champ

Middle School East: Congratulations to 7th grade student, Sarah O., named the school's Spelling Bee Champion! She will move on to the regional spelling bee competition held in the spring. She defeated second place winner, 6th grader Adithya M., in the eighth round of competition by correctly spelling the word natatorium.

It's a Wrap

Middle School West: Students in Miss DiCicco's eighth grade art classes discussed the late environmental sculptors Christo and Jean-Claude, well known for their wrapped monumental installations around the world. Their purpose was to create aesthetic joy by showing new ways of seeing the familiar. After learning about their artforms and the tedious process involving permissions and construction, an activity followed where students had to collaborate in groups. Each selected a form then had to use problem solving and critical thinking techniques to plan and execute a wrapping of the image. In the end, was it only aesthetic, or did it turn out to be conceptual afterall?

Debate: Dodgeball in PE Class

Middle School East: Miss Arcangeli’s 8th grade English classes learned about persuasion and debate by reading one article for and one article opposing playing dodgeball in physical education class. Students were grouped and created presentations stating their side and reasons for their choice. Guests were invited to view the presentations and to ask students questions about their topic.


Highlights from December 2022

STEM houses

South Elementary: The first grade classes participated in a Stem House Challenge. The students learned about the design process engineers use to solve problems as a part of their Engineering and Technology Unit. Students used class supplies to plan and build a house that would not blow down. Each house was tested and improved if needed.

Collegeville Women’s Club Award

Evergreen Elementary: We are very proud of the fifth grade student recipients of the Collegeville Women’s Club Award. These students were chosen by their teachers for being positive, kind, hard working and being a role model for others. They were surprised to receive the award and gift certificate to Towne Book Center from Mrs. Levering, a club member.

Stone Age Painting

Middle School East: Sixth grade explorers crafted their own Stone Age paint brushes - and then created cave paintings after studying ancient cave art in social studies class.

Learning the Ukulele

South Elementary: 5th Grade students had a blast learning to play the ukulele in Mrs. Maxymillian’s general music classes. Students have learned the proper way to hold the instrument, pluck the strings, strum the strings in different strumming patterns, and are starting to learn a few chords.

Peace & Smiles

South Elementary: The first grade classes made Peace & Smiles Boxes ® as a service project for the holidays. Each student started with an empty cereal box. The box is filled with crafty items, wrapped in white paper, and then each student decorated their box with happy thoughts and good wishes. Then in collaboration with “The Giving Tree” Organization, the boxes are distributed to pediatric patients and other children in need of warm wishes this holiday.

Gingerbread Houses

Skippack Elementary: The students enjoy learning about winter holidays celebrated around the world. Originally a German tradition, the second graders enjoy making their own gingerbread houses. A beautiful house can be made with just graham crackers and a milk carton. Just add some icing and candies and you are all set for holiday fun. All second grade students participated.

Graphics Club

Middle School East: As part of Graphics Club, 8th grade students made and sold holiday ornaments throughout the district. A portion of the sales went to the Daily Bread Food Pantry. A total of $200 raised for the Food Pantry!

Extra! Extra!

Middle School West: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Chances are, if you opened a Sunday morning paper between the years 1787 and 1796, you would have seen a slew of headlines regarding foreign and domestic issues facing our first U.S. president, George Washington. These articles and publications were pivotal in obtaining public support for the various campaigns and activities of the time. Students in Mr. Murphy's eighth grade social studies classes created front page news reflecting their research.


Evergreen Elementary: First graders were excited to meet with their fifth grade buddies this December. The students worked together to create holiday cards for the residents at Gloria Dei Communities and Living Branches. All students at Evergreen were encouraged to create cards, including digital ones, for the residents and many of our students did just that! It was wonderful to see students working together to bring joy to others!

Window Art

PV High School: Talented AP Artists just recently finished two windows at Tri-County Toyota in Royersford. Ella M., Sydney L., and Elizabeth K. worked with the owner to develop a design and install it over the course of four different sessions. Their valuable real life experience with a client has earned the art department a generous donation, which will be used to reimburse money for supplies, a cut for the artists, and to continue to aid the department.

Piano Keyboarding

Middle School West: Students in Mr. Sands' seventh grade music classes began the vector reacquainting themselves with the piano keyboards. Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument can improve memory and brain speed, expand aural skills, sharpen concentration and focus, decrease stress and anxiety while boosting confidence and self-esteem!


Skippack Elementary: Second graders in Mrs. Dinney’s class competed in an “Unlock Winter” challenge. Students completed review math problems and raced to be the first to collect all of the parts of a snowman.

Service Group Efforts

Schwenksville Elementary: Our fifth grade service group under the direction of school counselor, Mrs. Hyman, collected donations for the SPCA during the month of December. The group received many donations of dog/cat food/treats, cleaning supplies, towels, blankets, toys, etc.


Skippack Elementary: Happy Festivus! "Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way...out of that a new holiday was born. A Festivus for the rest of us!" - Frank Costanza

Poster Exhibit

PV High School: Congrats to finalists Tiana M. and Mason W. for being selected to exhibit their posters in this years annual Cabrini University HS Poster competition that addressed the Environment. The exhibit will be displayed December 11 - January 26, 2023, in the Gorevin Gallery at Cabrini.

All-Area Player of the Year!

PV High School: Carson P., Senior football player, was named All-Area Player of the Year by the Pottstown Mercury and PaPrepLive.

Winter Fun

Evergreen Elementary: The week leading up to winter break was fun-filled! We enjoyed spirit days - a favorite theme was to come to school dressed as a snowman! Our week ended with our annual Holiday Sing Along- and we even had a surprise visitor- Rudolph!

Sporting Goods Collection

PV High School: National Honor Society collected used sporting goods to donate to kids in need. They collected over $7,000 worth of equipment including items for baseball, softball, field hockey, lacrosse, hockey, basketball, football and more!

Gingerbread Houses

Skippack Elementary: Our 2nd grade students enjoyed making their Gingerbread Houses. This is an annual event where the parents are invited to join in the fun in the classrooms.

Geography Challenge

Middle School West: Seventh grade Social Studies classes participated in the annual Geography Challenge. After weeks of intense “training”, contestants representing the Titan and Crusader Teams vied for points by naming the U.S. state and on white boards from a numbered map. This year’s Geography Challenge championship went to the mighty Crusader Team! Congratulations!

Spirit Week

Middle School East: Our PBIS team held a spirit week leading up to winter break. Students and staff participated in the fun. Everyone enjoyed getting creative and showing their school spirit.


Highlights from November 2022

Photography Trip

PV High School: Mr. Komp's photography students visited Eastern State Penitentiary (this is the 14th annual trip!). Students applied their photography skills to capture one of Philadelphia's most iconic landmarks.

Title 1 Family Engagement Night

South Elementary: Students who receive additional support in reading, math and/or English language development were invited with their families to the annual Title I Family Engagement night. Families participated in a variety of activities, including South Family Scrabble, Let's Glow Read a Book, and signing up for a library card through the Perkiomen Valley Library at Schwenksville. It was a great evening of building family-school partnerships to support student learning.

Where's the Turkey?

Evergreen Elementary: After enjoying the story Turkey Trouble, our kindergarten students worked hard with their families to help disguise their turkey in hopes that they would be saved from becoming a Thanksgiving dinner! Everyone enjoyed looking at their creative disguise as they walked down the hall!

Flame Tests

PV High School: High school students are flame testing metal salts to determine what element is present. Each element creates a unique atomic spectra of colors - providing clues to assist in determining the element.

Food Drive

Skippack Elementary: Staff & students collected over 400 packages of food during the November Food Drive! Thanks to all who donated to share with our friends at Power Packs! Special thanks to the 5th Grade helpers on the HERO (Help, Encourage, & Respect Others) Council for making posters, sorting food, boxing donations, and tallying up our total!


PV High School: High school students are learning about the fastest growing sport in America - Pickleball!

Book Fair

Middle School East: Students visited the Scholastic Book Fair. Two Degrees, by Alan Gratz and graphic novel My Hero Academia, by Kohei Horikoshi, were the two best sellers.

Visiting Urban Rivers

Evergreen Elementary: Fourth grade students in Mr. Tomlinson's class were treated to a unique experience this past month! They got to be on-camera for a National Geographic presentation on Urban Rivers. Students were able to ask questions directly to the National Geographic expert. It established a connection to the class’s read aloud, Thirst. This experience was a great connection and excitement builder for their trout study- which is happening thanks to a grant Mr. Tomlinson and Mrs. Voicheck received from PVSD Foundation.

Viking Award

South Elementary: Students were awarded the Viking Award during a PBS assembly for being respectful, responsible, safe, and kind. Students and teachers then participated in an orange vs. white “Dress the Teacher” relay race! The Viking Award Winners passed the dress-up items to the teacher as the teacher put the items on. The first team to have their teacher dressed was the winner. There was a lot of laughter and fun during this celebration assembly.

Rock Cycle

Middle School West: Sixth grade students explored the rock cycle in Mrs. Corr's science class. The rocks that make up the Earth are constantly being recycled. One form of rock is often changed into another form of rock through certain processes of nature that occur over time. The junior geologists used this innovative hands-on activity to model the rock cycle. The finely diced rocks (Starburst candy)which was then transformed into “sedimentary rock”, "metamorphic rock”, "igneous rock”, “sediments”, and “magma” using pressure and heat.

Veterans Day

Schwenksville Elementary: First grade students learned about Veterans Day and welcomed a very special visitor, Col. O’Brien (husband of first grade teacher, Mrs. O’Brien)! They also decorated and wore hats to honor those that have served.


Skippack Elementary: Our students were rewarded for exceeding their Walk-A-Thon goals, raising over $25,000! Mrs. Nassoiy dressed as a Viking as a reward and Senior Feick led our assembly.

Scary Stations

Middle School West: Students in Ms. Griffin's eighth grade English classes wrapped up their unit on the horror genre with a blended learning activity. The students cycled through stations where they incorporated collaborative conversation, writing, independent learning, gamification, and mentor texts to practice their knowledge from the unit.

Science Symposium

Middle School West: Our first Science Symposium was held in the West library. Open to the public, the event was a showcase of student projects to enhance Muhlenburg Woods with the mission to "Leave No Child Inside!" There was also live acoustic entertainment by PV students Evan, Elsie, and Ren! Savory and sweet foods were available for purchase.

Little Free Library

Middle School East: We are proud to be a part of the Little Free Library “family”, whose mission is to be a catalyst for building community, inspiring readers, and expanding book access FOR ALL. Mrs. Dolan is the 'Keeper of the Library' and will monitor its use with her Homeroom class. Thank you to the Hamilton Family for their generous donation of the Little Free Library.

Art Club

PV High School: Art Club students create three-dimensional sculptures using cable ties. Thank you to Hellerman Tyton for supporting our club and donating over 115,000 cable ties!

Learn About the States

Evergreen Elementary: Second grade students in Ms. Kraenbring’s class worked hard to research different states. They then wrote about their states, created a flip grid and generated QR codes so you could watch them to learn more about their states! These students worked so hard and it was great to see how their final projects turned out!

1 School, 1 Team, 1 Dream

Skippack Elementary: Led by our art teacher, Mrs. Fox, each student created a fish. The fish were then used to assemble a school-wide wave. The wave is representative of our theme “1 School, 1 Team, 1 Dream."

Pumpkin Patch

Schwenksville Elementary: Thanks to the creativity of teachers and staff at Schwenksville Elementary, Kindergarteners visited the “pumpkin patch” in the field behind the school. Students picked their very own pumpkin to take home. After the pumpkin picking the students also enjoyed some tasty apple cider.


Highlights from October 2022

First Annual Halloween Parade

Middle School West: Our Little Vikings Pre-K held its first annual Halloween Parade through the West halls this past Friday! Their fellow students and staff cheered them on and offered treats as they marched by! Adorable!

Volunteering Mission

PV High School: The Key Club went on a volunteering mission to the Mitzvah Circle! They organized packages of clothing, books, and toys for families in need.

Guitar Hero!

Middle School West: Seventh grade students in Mr. Sand's music classes were given the opportunity to channel their inner Hendrix by learning the basics of playing the guitar. The lesson included how to hold the instrument, how to strum and pick, as well as some basic chords. Who knows? One of our novices could end up being the next Ed Sheeran!

Art Department - First Friday

PV High School: Celebrating our 7th year of hosting the First First Friday! We welcomed PV alumni, Sophia Moffa 17’ as she shared her journey after high school and her current position as an Art Advisory and Logistics fellow.

Tail Waggin' Tutors

Evergreen Elementary: Thanks to a collaboration with Tail Waggin’ Tutors, part of Therapy Dog International, 120 students were able to spend time with some adorable pups this month! Students had a chance to read and snuggle in with a dog in the school library. Students left their visit with huge smiles and happy hearts! We can’t wait for our next visit!

Piano Recitals

Middle School East: Students in Mrs. Yeagle's Music Classes treated their classmates and invited guests to piano recitals this week. The performances are the culmination of the learning and growth demonstrated throughout the first vector.

Pumpkin Characters

Skippack Elementary: 2nd graders choose their favorite storybook characters and create a likeness with pumpkins.


South Elementary: The Home and School sponsored its second annual Walk-A-Thon. Each student pledged a goal (many wanted to beat their lap total from last year!) and found sponsors. The classes walked with their grade level peers for about 30 minutes. This year the students beat the number of laps walked last year and walked a combined total of 3,290 laps (equivalent to 822.5 miles).

Strings Lessons Begin

Schwenksville Elementary: Students who are just starting with a string instrument gathered at PVMS-West early in October to receive their instrument and have their very first lesson. The students were so enthusiastic to begin this journey.

Golden Spatula

South Elementary: Each week the students compete for the Golden Spatula from the lunch room. Classes work together in meeting the expectations for the cafeteria which include: maintaining a clean space, using quiet voices and being respectful to others. Each Friday, the principal, Mr. D’Andrea announces the week’s winner. The spatula is then passed from one class to the next. Pictured is a fourth grade student delivering the spatula to the new winners.

Building Classroom Culture

PV High School: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." Working towards a feeling of "we" not "me" to build a learner centered classroom. Student are invited to "think different" about their roles as learners.

Football Player Honors Teacher

Schwenksville Elementary: PVHS senior football player, Stephen Ciaudelli, recently visited his 5th grade teacher, Mr. Matthew Young, to thank him for the positive impact he's had on his life. Stephen brought his Viking football jersey for Mr. Young to wear for the week. What a special honor to be recognized by a former student. Congratulations, Mr. Young!

Engineering Airplanes

Evergreen Elementary: Third grade students are studying engineering, learning about criteria and constraints and the value of trial and error. Our students first tested their engineering skills by designing and testing paper airplanes. Students learned various scientific practices as well as valuable social skills, such as working with a team and how to handle frustrations when things do not work out as expected.


Skippack Elementary: During our first-ever Sock-tober Sock Drive, we collected 446 pairs of socks! Thank you to Hannah Henderson and Illyria Handelong for designing the collection boxes! The socks will be donated to local community organizations or used for service projects.

Figurative Language

Middle School East: Students in Mrs. Houser's ELA classes really "knocked it out of the park" with their costumes representing figurative language. The students said the assignment was "a piece of cake" and thankfully we only had a few students with "chips on their shoulders" or "bees in their bonnets" regarding dressing up. Mrs. Houser was "over the moon" with the students' creativity!

Monochromatic Portraits

Middle School East: Mrs. LaPera’s 7th grade art classes created monochromatic selfies. They used tins and shades of a color of their choice. Follow@PVMSeastart on Instagram.

Red Ribbon

Middle School West: Red Ribbon Week, the largest drug abuse prevention campaign in the nation, occurred the last week of October. Its mission is to support families and communities in nurturing the full potential of healthy, drug free youth. Students watched informative videos and had thoughtful discussions during their advisory periods.

Super Heroes for Bullying Prevention

Schwenksville Elementary: In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, students and staff participated in theme days to show support. Pictured is staff on Super Hero Day!

Farm Visit

South Elementary: The kindergarten students visited Merrymead farm. They learned about the animals on the farm, traveled through a cornstalk tunnel, and enjoyed a hayride to view the parts of the farm. Each student picked a pumpkin to take home.

What Are Cells?

Middle School West: Students in Mr. Ponzio's seventh grade science classes explored the wonderful world of cells this week. Cells are the basic structural, functional, and organizational units of both single-celled and multicellular organisms; cells divide and pass on hereditary information; and energy flows within cells. Using microscopes and prepared slides, the young biologists compared human bone, blood and sperm cell structure.

Honoring Teacher

Skippack Elementary: PVHS football seniors each recognized a teacher/staff member for the positive impact they've had on their respective lives. Former Skippack student JC Dugery presented his jersey to Mr. Andrew Mungin! Congratulations! Way to BE Skippack!

Fire Company Visit

Evergreen Elementary: Kindergarten students were treated to a visit from the Perkiomen Township Fire Company. They had a mini lesson on fire safety and then got to go outside to check out the trucks! They loved the outdoor hands-on experience!


Highlights from September 2022

Who's Boots?

Middle School East: Mrs. Dooner’s English classes make inferences by observing shoes, thinking about their prior knowledge and then coming to a conclusion about who might own the shoes. A photograph of the fictional person was added to their evidence and they created a character write up. It’s good practice separating prior knowledge from evidence and using both to draw logical conclusions.


PV High School: Ninth grade students enjoying their fitness unit in the updated fitness center

Back-to-School Bash

Middle School West: To celebrate the start of school, West hosted its first annual after school Back To School Bash! The Bash was free for students to participate in with our Home and School Association providing snacks for sale at the event. There was rockn' music and activities like Bingo, and yard game tournaments such as Cornhole, Can Jam, Spike Ball, Nine Square, Volleyball, Basketball, and more!

Environmental Science

PV High School: Students in AP Environmental Science and Environmental Science courses learned about the tragedy of the commons and resource through a fishing simulation in class.

Mile Run

Skippack Elementary: Physical education students participate in the mile run. Mrs. Ciuba extends the invitation to the parents to cheer on the students or join in!


Evergreen Elementary: Students from Mr. Tomlinson’s fourth grade class enjoyed time in the library exploring our new computer program, PebbleGo. They had a lesson from Mrs. Lane on how to use the site to help with research projects. They were very excited to learn about PebbleGo and had fun exploring the site- we learned fun facts about Lonnie Johnson- the inventor of the Super Soaker!

Hula Relay

South Elementary: The South PBS kickoff assemblies were Friday, September 9th. The gathering started with the first group of students who earned a golden ticket for being respectful, responsible, safe, and kind adding their name to the Principal's 200 club board. Then everyone joined in on the fun as classes participated in a Hula Relay team building activity.

Marching Vikings

PV High School: First competition for the Marching Vikings at Quakertown HS on Saturday, September 24, 2022.

Bus Safeties

Evergreen Elementary: Our Bus Safeties are all smiles as they wait for the afternoon buses to arrive! These students help to make sure students get to their bus and are safe on their rides home. All of our safeties follow Evergreen’s 3 R’s…be Ready, Respectful, and Responsible!

Kind Kid of the Day

Schwenksville Elementary: Each day a student is nominated by a staff member because the student a) said something nice about someone, b) was kind to someone, and/or c) helped someone. The student is given a certificate, a special KKD sticker, and the student and principal, Mrs. Krista Venza, call home to share the great news!

PBS Booster

South Elementary: South kicked off the new year with PBS Booster sessions. Classes visited the different stations to review the rules and expectations of our PBS initiatives, which are to be respectful, responsible, safe, and kind.

Monarch Migration

Middle School West: Monarch butterflies are one of the most recognizable species of butterflies and are widely known for their incredible migratory pattern. They travel between 1,200 and 2,800 miles or more to their overwintering spots. Seventh grade science classes participated in a Monarch Migration game that simulated monarch migration and the perils that they face along the way.

Safety Patrol

South Elementary: The new group of 5th grade safeties were recently sworn in for duty. The safety patrol members help their peers by walking kindergarten students to and from the bus, standing by the bus to help students find their bus, and reminding the students of safe bus rules during their rides to and from school.

Counselor Lunch

Schwenksville Elementary: Our school counselor, Mrs. Hyman, is so excited to meet new students. The new students were able to introduce themselves to other newbies over lunch!


Schwenksville Elementary: The Bell 3: We Are Safe, Responsible and Respectful! We recently held a kick-off of the school-wide positive behavior program. Staff and students gathered for an assembly to go over The Bell 3. A fun game of scrabble with the help of a few students highlighted the three characteristics expected from all students and staff.

Grammar Go'round

Middle School West: Grammar is important because it is the academic vocabulary we use to talk about language. Students reviewed grammar concepts by playing Grammar Go-round, loosely based on the popular card game "Spoons". They identified various parts of speech in the sentences provided, before all the cards piled up in front of them.

Talk Math

Middle School East: The 7th grade Athenian and Spartan students joined forces to TALK MATH! They worked in groups while rotating around the auditorium answering rigorous word problems relating to integers. It was amazing to see students responsibly working together while owning their mistakes and carefully disagreeing in a kind way.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Skippack Elementary: September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. As part of our yearly recognition staff wear gold or yellow on Fridays.

Cozy Corner

Evergreen Elementary: Students utilize every nook & kranny for reading or catching up with friends, such as the hallway Cozy Corner!

Digital Footprints

Middle School East: Mrs Kratz’s Digital Literacy classes learned about digital footprints and how what you post online may affect your future. Groups of students were tasked with choosing an employee based on the two applicants' social media findings. They learned first hand that you need to “Think Before You Post”.

Boast Board

Skippack Elementary: Using our BOAST BOARD”.staff can post uplifting messages such as “Thank You, You Rock" and "Going Above and Beyond.”