Activities & Happenings from Around the District

Welcome to our Monthly Showcase.  We are proud to share Activities & Happenings from around the district!


Thank you to our District News Coordinators for their contributions to PV’s Showcase: Kathy Malchitsky (EG), Wendy Ledford (SCH), Peggy Jacobson (SK), Jen Derstine (SO), Gina Kratz (MSE), Donna Muscatello (MSW), and Tom Komp (HS).

December Happenings – 2021

Community Service Projects

Skippack Elementary: During the week of December 6th, each student made a community service project coordinated by our Home and School. These projects were created and completed in each classroom under the direction of the classroom teacher. All projects will be shared with various locations and charities throughout our community

Interactive Panels

Middle School West: Students in Mrs. Griffin's eighth grade English classes were introduced to the first, newly installed Clear Touch Interactive Panel at West. If you aren't familiar with the Clear Touch Interactive Panel, it is a 75" TV mounted in classroom with its own operating system, so basically, a big, interactive computer on the wall. The district purchased 110 units for both of the middle schools and began installing them last week.

Exploring the Titanic

Middle School West: This week, Mrs, Lewis' eighth grade ELA classes took a deep dive into the facts and stories surrounding the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Students began the unit with an article about how the Titanic worked. Then they cycled through six stations that explored a wealth of information that included the class distinctions on the ship, artifacts from the vessel, and the Carpathia's eventual rescue of Titanic survivors. The unit will culminate with a viewing of the fascinating James Cameron documentary, Ghosts of the Abyss next week.

Three Kings Day

Schwenksville Elementary: Students learned about Three Kings Day in their Spanish class with Mrs. Julie Droluk. The first grade classes made paper shoes. In Spain, the children leave out their shoes on Three Kings Day Eve and they get presents in their shoes the next day. Kindergarten students made crowns after they learned about Three Kings Day.

Pajama Fundraiser

Middle School East: The PVMSE Builder's Club Pajama Day fundraiser for CHOP raised over $4,000 for the families and the patients. Special kuddos go out to the 6th grade for highest number of students who participated, the entire 8th grade for contributing the most cash and the 7th grade for raising the most money overall.

Spirit Week

Evergreen Elementary: Prior to winter break, Evergreen had a week full of fun! Each day, students and staff celebrated with a different theme, including Slipper Day, Winter Hat Day, Warm Wacky Sock Day. The first day of winter was celebrated by dressing like a snowman! Our annual Sing-a-long was held, via Zoom.

Art Contest Winners!

PV High School: Congratulations to seniors Tyler and Sarah! Students in grades 10-12 submitted conceptual posters designed to promote community. Their artwork was selected to be included in Cabrini University's 2021 Art + Effect High School Poster Exhibition. This exhibition is comprised of the top 15 poster designs. This year, 126 submissions were received from 12 high schools in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Illinois.

Art of Cam Rackam

Middle School East: Mr. Bernholdt’s 8th grade art classes created artwork inspired by the art of Cam Rackam who uses colorful backgrounds of candy or flowers to contrast his main subject in this series which is always a human skull.

Snow People

South Elementary: Fifth grade students were happy to welcome back a holiday tradition- making snow persons as gifts for their families for the holidays. It was a fun way for the students to show some creativity while celebrating the holidays with their classmates.

Mapping Mesopotamia

Middle School West: Students in Mrs. Moylan's sixth grade social studies classes explored the Mesopotamian Empires with the Nystrom Atlas of World History and activity maps. For thousands of years, control of Mesopotamian bounced back and forth between two empires. In this lesson, the students learned how the Assyrians and Babylonians dominated the region that lies between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers that now occupies most of present-day Iraq and Kuwait.

Gingerbread Houses

Schwenksville Elementary: Second students enjoy learning about winter holidays celebrated around the world. Originally a German tradition, the second graders enjoy making their own gingerbread houses. A beautiful house can be made with just graham crackers and a milk carton. Just add some icing and candies and you are all set for holiday fun.

Gingerbread Houses

South Elementary: A holiday tradition for second-grade students is to make gingerbread houses. Students used pint containers as a base and built original and tasty looking gingerbread houses.

Car Wash for Books

Evergreen Elementary: During the summer, four Evergreen students were thinking about books for their school Library. They decided to hold a car wash to raise funds to purchase new titles for the school. In September, they presented Mrs. Lane with a check, and the process of selecting and ordering the books began. The girls, with Mrs. Lane's guidance, enjoyed helping to select titles for all of the Evergreen students to enjoy! Thank you, girls!!!

Students Honored

South Elementary: Five elementary students were honored by representatives from the Community Club of Collegeville. A student from each class was chosen by the team of fifth grade teachers for being respectful, responsible, safe and kind at school. Each student received an award and a gift card to the Town Book Center. The Community Club of Collegeville is a Greater Federated Women’s Club of America serving the Perkiomen Valley. The main focus of the club is to support education and community service projects in our area. The Education Committee of the club works to support academics and educational awards and projects in the Perkiomen Valley School District.

Pajama Fundraiser

Skippack Elementary: Thank you to 4th grade teacher Mrs. Beddis for coordinating this annual community service project -a Skippack holiday tradition. The pajamas collected will be sent to needy families and children in our own community. The drive collected a total of 796 pairs of pajamas. Amazing!!!

November Happenings – 2021

Picking Pumpkins

Schwenksville Elementary: Thanks to the creativity of teachers and staff , kindergarteners were able to “visit” the “pumpkin patch” and pick their very own pumpkin to take home again this year.Staff staged a pumpkin patch in the field behind the school. There were many smiles behind those masks! After the pumpkin picking the students also enjoyed some tasty apple cider.

Angle Dance

Middle School West: Students in Mrs. Lederman's eighth grade Geometry classes were up and grooving during a friendly dance competition that incorporated their knowledge of angle relationships. They had to successfully demonstrate corresponding angles, supplementary angles, adjacent angles, same-side interior and exterior angles, and vertical angles in their dance moves!

Visit from Olympian

Middle School East & West: Olympian Maggie Malone visited students at both East and West Middle School. She shared an inspiring message focused on developing an ‘Olympic Mindset and how mindset applies to all aspects of your life. Her message was well received!! Students can’t wait to see her go for the gold in Paris ‘24.

Visit to FLUXspace

PV High School: On Friday, November 12, students in the High School inNOVAtion Lab traveled to Fluxspace, an innovation in education accelerator and experience center associated with the interior design firm, Corbett, inc. Students had a full day experiencing what it is like to learn and work within the creative economy . In addition to learning with professors from Drexel University's Close School of Entrepreneurship, students also presented their designed solutions to the

Disc Golf

Middle School West: FORE! West students were introduced to disc golf by Mr. Weygand and Mrs. Burg in their physical education classes.

Staff Recognition

Skippack Elementary: Football Seniors had the opportunity to recognize a teacher, counselor, staff member, administrator or coach from across the district that has made a significantly positive impact on their respective lives. These honored faculty/staff members were presented with a jersey of the Senior. Skippack is proud to announce that Skippack’s former student and current PV Senior, Reed Overholser, came to school to present his jersey to Mr. Mungin for the positive impact he had on his life. Congratulations Andrew! We are proud to call you our own! Thank you for all you do for our students!

It's a Jungle in Here

South Elementary: We were excited to welcome back an in-person book fair this fall! The South library hosted the, "It's a Jungle in Here" Scholastic Book Fair November 5-12.

Main Street Evergreen

Evergreen Elementary: A unique and special learning space for students and staff! The space, designed by several staff members, features beautiful mural work by art teacher Mrs Hockman. Main Street Evergreen will include a "general store" (housing Evergreen's school store), a "cafe" with 3 dining tables, and a "park" with table-top benches. The perfect space for learning and collaborating!

Giving Tuesday

Middle School East: Mrs. Kratz's Digital Literacy classes learned about the history of Giving Tuesday by completing an online fact finding activity. Afterward, they created digital holiday cards using Google Drawing for those living in our local nursing homes.

Balloons Over Evergreen

Evergreen Elementary: After reading the story Balloons Over Broadway by Melissa Sweet, Mrs. Houser's 2nd graders organized a Thanksgiving parade of their own. Each student created a balloon depicting their favorite book characters. The class paraded through the Evergreen halls. Of course, the last balloon was the highly anticipated "Santa" balloon!

Tech Ed Robotics

Middle School East: Students create challenge maps for the EV3 using poster paper and painters tape in Ms. McGowan’s Tech Ed Robotics and Automation class.

Take Action

PV High School:November 19, 2021, Take Action, led by Mr. Craven held their annual fundraiser that benefits the Humane Society of the United States. The teachers with the most donations dressed in animal costumes were Mr. Lyons (pig), Mr. Overholtzer (frog), Mr. Pennebacker (turkey), and Sra Dotterer (flamingo). Not photographed: Dr. Gelman was the penguin. Take Action raised $1448 this year, the best yet!. This annual event has raised $4690 over 8 years!

Book Fair

South Elementary: Students and families were invited to shop at the Book Fair during each class's library time as well as during an evening event. The proceeds from the book fair will be used to purchase new books for the school library.

Veteran's Day

Schwenksville Elementary: Honoring our Veterans! First grade students had the opportunity to learn about Veteran’s Day and they decorated hats to wear at school.

October Happenings – 2021

Art First Friday

PV High School: The high school art department welcomed, Mr. Mark Gama, PV Alumni, Class of 2012 for their monthly First Friday guest speaker series on October 1, 2021, in the auditorium. Mr. Mark Gama spoke about the importance of not being afraid to fail and how to become an entrepreneur in a creative field.

Guitar Heroes

Middle School West: Seventh grade students in Mr. Sand's music classes were given the opportunity to channel their inner Hendrix by learning the basics of playing the guitar. The lesson included how to hold the instrument, how to strum and pick as well as some basic chords. Who knows? One of our novices could end up being the next Trey Anastasio or John Petrucci!

Ride & Read

Evergreen Elementary: The Library offers lessons, book exchange, plus time to relax and recharge. Flexible seating, Creation Station, and "Ride and Read" are among some of the students' favorites.

Pumpkin Patch Visits SK

Skippack Elementary: Our kindergarten classes enjoyed a visit FROM the pumpkin patch this year (instead of traveling TO the pumpkin patch) thanks to the efforts of our Home and School. The students had a blast picking out pumpkins. Along with the pumpkin patch, the kindergarten made ghost houses....Ghosts need a place to call home too. In second grade the students made character pumpkins. Hard work and creativity!

Wellness Wednesday

Schwenksville Elementary: Wednesdays are for Wellness! Mr. Bravo, Physical Education Teacher, sets up an after school circuit workout for staff. All staff are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing on Wednesdays and to take a walk during a break or take a walk with their students!

Fire Truck Visit

South Elementary: The Trappe Fire Company visited with kindergarten, first, and second grade students in honor of Fire Prevention Month. During the visit the students were able to see a firefighter in full gear, learn about the fire truck, and learn about what to do in case of an emergency at home.

Bilingual Stories

South Elementary: Kindergarten students listen to a read-aloud story from the new Into Reading resource. The story is written in English and Spanish with one teacher reading the English words and another teacher reading the Spanish words.

Making Music at Evergreen

Evergreen Elementary: Third graders at Evergreen are using a pentatonic scale to create improvisations on pitched percussion instruments. After working on their pieces, the students were able to play them for the class.

Trunk or Treat

Skippack Elementary: Students and staff had a great time at the annual Trunk or Treat night. Our own Mrs. Batka and Ms. McConnell won for best trunk for staff. Lots of fun!

Food Truck Competitions

Middle School East: Seventh grade students in Mrs. Anestad's Family & Consumer Science class participated in a food truck competition. Each group selected a muffin recipe to bake and created a food truck to go along with their muffin flavor. Staff came in and voted on their muffins and trucks for taste and creativity. The students did an excellent job and their muffins were delicious!

Library Visit

PV High School: English classes visit the PVHS library for a Get to Know Your Library session with Mrs. Gehman. The students had a blast!

Food Truck Competitions

Middle School East: The Scholastic Book Fair has begun and will run through November 8th. Students visit the Book Fair with their ELA classes. This year’s fair has an amazing selection of books!

Mystery Tube

Middle School East: Mrs. Slomeana's eighth grade students attempted to solve the Mystery Tube by using the design engineering process and scientific method. Many we successful!


Skippack Elementary: Students and staff enjoyed a beautiful Walk-A-Thon day on October 15th. They not only met their goal, but highly exceeded it. Way to Go!


South Elementary: The students and staff participated in a Walk-A-Thon, sponsored by the South Home and School, to raise money for events and activities. Students collected pledges prior to the walk-a-thon and the classes competed to see which class at each grade level walked the furthest.

Plate Tectonics

Middle School West: Students in Mrs. Corr and Mrs. McGuigan's 6th grade science classes explored tectonics plate boundaries this week as part of their Earth History unit. Plate tectonics is a theory in geology that the lithosphere of the earth is divided into a small number of plates which float on and travel independently over the mantle and much of the earth's seismic activity occurs at the boundaries of these plates They modeled each of the three types of boundaries using graham crackers, rice cakes, and icing! Through this exercise, they learned the differences between the boundaries as well as the features they form.

Art First Friday

PV High School: Art happening this week at PVHS! Sarah Strausberg, GD 11, Graphic Design I, expanded upon her Cabrini University High School poster contest submission about Community on the exterior wall of our Auditorium.

Coding with Ozobot

Middle School West: Sixth grade students in Mr. Zacharias' coding classes explored the world of Ozobots! An Ozobot is a little robot that blends the physical and digital worlds. The system teaches very basic programming as the students code the robots to follow patterns on the surfaces that they roll over. Ozobot can identify lines, colors, motion and codes on both digital surfaces, such as a chromebook, and physical surfaces, such as paper.

Engineers of the Future

Evergreen Elementary: In our engineering unit for science, we are learning about the engineering process. Students conducted trials with paper airplanes prior to researching. Then after a week of researching, watching videos from experts, reading how to articles, they redesigned and retested. By the end of the week, they chose their final paper airplane to fly down the hallway measuring distance in centimeters.

Sensory Paths

Schwenksville Elementary: Sensory Paths were recently installed and students were excited to try them out Sensory Paths are great for movement breaks as a class or even for an individual student who just needs a moment to refocus. An added bonus is that they are bright and cherry additions to the hallways.

Hands-On Science

Schwenksville Elementary: Who doesn’t love hands-on science? Mrs. Maxwell’s third graders enjoyed the opportunity to take a brief walk outside for part of their science lesson. They searched for leaves which had already changed colors. Once back in the classroom they learned about why this occurs this time every year.

September Happenings – 2021

New Devices

Elementary: Every 5th grade and Kindergarten student received a new Chromebook as part of the district’s 1 to 1 initiative. The 5th graders were excited to try out their new devices and have been using them daily in their classrooms. Thank you PVSD for these awesome devices!

All-About-Me Butterflies

Schwenksville Elementary: Students in Ms. Marr's second grade class share their All-About-Me Butterflies during meet the teacher night.

Courtyard Learning

Middle School West: Students in Ms. Emers seventh grade science classes took advantage of the beautiful weather today and worked on their lesson in our gorgeous blooming courtyard! The day's assignment was to post their favorite "ology" on the Padlet platform along with an explanation of their choice in a video.

Safety Patrol

South Elementary: Safety Patrol reporting for duty! Fifth grade students can apply to join the safety patrol. The safety patrol helps by escorting younger students during arrival and dismissal, helping students find their bus, and by modeling and reminding students how to stay safe on the bus. Pictured is the 2021-2022 Safety Patrol reciting the Safety Patrol Pledge during their training meeting.

Math Fun

Evergreen Elementary: Students in Mr. Moore’s 4th grade class enjoyed playing “24” during math time. The class divided into small groups and were challenged to make the number 24, using basic math operations and only the four numbers on each card. Students worked together toward success.

200 Club

South Elementary: The Principal’s 200 Club is a Tier I school-wide, prevention-focused acknowledgement system. It applies to all students, staff, and settings in the building, and consists of several evidence-based behavior management practices and techniques. Specifically, the incentive program utilizes: 1) verbal praise; 2) public recognition; 3) the Mystery Motivator; 4) a variable reinforcement schedule; and 5) a group contingency.


Evergreen Elementary: Mrs. Robinson’s kindergarten class worked on tangrams, putting different shaped and colored pieces together to make designs or pictures.

Save Fred

Middle School East: Students in Mrs. Slomeana’s 8th grade science classes Saved Fred. Working with a partner, students successfully uprighted Fred's Boat, put on his life preserver, and got him back in the boat. Most were able to do this while not harming Fred and using only 1 paperclip. Some pairs needed 2 paperclips and that was okay. We all might need different tools to be successful. Teamwork, communication skills, and perseverance were the highlights of the day!

Supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness

Skippack Elementary: Skippack shows support by wearing gold on Fridays throughout the month of September.

Kind Kid
of the Day

Schwenksville Elementary: Kind Kid of the Day! Teachers are on the lookout for students exhibiting kindness.

Apples & Fall

Skippack Elementary: Students in Mrs. Grisdale's first grade class learned about fall and apples. After reading Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss, students were challenged to build an apple tree that could balance ten apples on top.

Sewing Emojis

Middle School East: Seventh grade FCS students use their sewing skills to recreate and stitch mini emojis.

RetroRobotics Team

PV High School: Our RetoRobotics Team 7114, competes each year in the FIRST robotics competition. We get a new challenge each January and have six weeks to build a robot. This is last year's robot, Pacman, which has 10 motors, a pneumatic front intake, and two computers.

Stream CleanUp

PV High School: Key Club participates in the Perkiomen Valley Watershed Conservancy's Ida Clean-Up Day.

Working with Clay

Middle School West: Students in Ms. DiCicco's eighth grade art classes are working on a hand-built clay technique known as slab-construction. This is an additive sculptural method with many labor-intensive phases. Currently, they are in the first phase known as Greenware, where they are working with soft clay (plastic) and assembling a vase form. Designs will then be added, both three-dimensional and carved.