Booster Club Information for All Teams

PVSD recognizes the existence and appreciates the efforts of the various community-based Booster Clubs at work in the community. PVSD further recognizes that the purpose of such clubs should be to assist and support, but not to direct or supplant the existing activity or athletic program. It is absolutely necessary that all school district-sponsored activities remain at the school level and under the control, direction, and supervision of the school board through its duly elected professional employees. Only those clubs operating under by-laws approved by the school board will be recognized by the school board will be recognized by the school district as official and permitted to use the school district name.

Coaches may associate themselves with these organizations, however, in no way is membership seen as part of a coach’s duties.

Fundraisers conducted by booster clubs or coaches must be approved (in advance) by the high school administration and notification given to athletic office. By law, school districts must include any/all funds raised by booster groups as part of an annual disclosure report. In short, if you do any fundraising or donate any money to provide a service or purchase anything for PVSD athletic team members, you are required to report it to the school district so the information can be included as part of an annual disclosure to the state. 

Booster Clubs are required to:
1. Register annually with the athletic office 
2. File the PVSD financial forms 
3. Assure your 501C3 or student activity status 
Our school district policy requires booster clubs to submit a financial report which includes a record of all receipts and expenditures. The law reinforces these requirements. Booster Clubs are to complete and submit all forms PVSD currently expects and follow all policy related to PVSD boosters. In addition, you must file for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Section 501C(3). If you do not, the only other alternative is to funnel any/all funds through the school district’s sanctioned student activity account for each individual sport or club.
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