Important Middle School Information

Registration Due Dates

Fall sports due by Jul 22, 2024; first day of football is Aug 15, all other sports is Aug 26, 2024

Winter sports is due by Nov 1; first day of wrestling is Nov, 15, 2024.  Basketball’s first day is Dec 2, 2024

Spring sports is due by Feb 18; first day is Mar 10, 2025.

Register at BigTeams/StudentCentral


Middle School sports are available to 7th & 8th Graders

Fall Sports 

Football*, boys & girls soccer, field hockey, boys & girls cross country, girls volleyball

*Football is a combined team of East & West students.  West athletes are bussed to East Monday – Friday.  Pickup is at East.

Winter Sports

Boys & girls basketball, wrestling 

Spring Sports

Baseball, softball, girls lacrosse, track & field*

*Track & field is a combined team of East & West students.  West Athleted are bussed to East Monday – Friday.  Pick up is at East.

Being a good student is always more important than being a good athlete. Student-athletes must maintain a passing grade in all classes to remain academically eligible. If a student is struggling with a class they should make arrangements with their teacher to receive extra help. Students must notify their coach when staying after school for academic help.

Practices are held after school 3:00PM-5:00PM. Please make arrangements to have your child picked-up outside the middle school gym no later than 5:15PM. There are no weekend or holiday practices. In the event of a practice schedule change, every effort will be made to give advanced notice. Please know weather developments and wet field conditions will likely impact the practice schedule. Please monitor the website.

Middle school teams (with the exception of basketball & volleyball) are open to any student who shows an interest. Students who show up for initial practices will be assessed for ability and may receive more or less playing time based upon those assessments. Middle school teams may also be divided into an “A” team or a “B” team depending upon how many students express interest.

Schedules are available at From the menu bar, select the season (Fall, Winter or Spring), choose the sport, then the level (East, West, JV, etc). Schedules are subject to change. Please stay current. Changes to the schedule will be announced at school, practices, and displayed on the website. Please contact the athletic office at 610-489-4727 or Mr. Felty, Athletic Director, at for additional information.

Lockers to store personal effects are available in each school locker room. A combination lock or padlock is required to safeguard possessions. Do not leave items unlocked or unattended. If absent a lock, students are advised to bring personal effects with them to practice and games.

It is recommended your child bring a water bottle or jug to practices and games.

There are no pets allowed on school property. Please leave them at home.

Athletes are to ride the team bus to and from all contests. We compete as a team and win or lose as a team. We travel as a team. Exceptions can be made if warranted; however, these exceptions should be minimized. Athletes are required to bring written permission from their parent or guardian 24 hours in advance. Please go to Transportation Form to secure the form, and return to the athletic office. In addition, prior to departing, the athlete and their parent/guardian must approach the coach to notify the coach of the departure. Athletes may only ride home from AWAY contests with their own parent/guardian.

Student Behavior
Any and all school rules apply to athletics. Poor behavior and choices in school will have negative consequences. If absent from school, assigned an office detention or suspension, athletes may not attend practices or games on those dates. The missed time will impact playing time. Repeated school and or team discipline action may result in dismissal from the team. We insist that each child is respectful to their coaches, fellow players, opponents, and game officials. We hope parents will embrace this philosophy and will emphasize these concepts with their child throughout the season.

Playing time
There are no hard, fast rules mandating every athlete will play in any scheduled contest. Playing time is determined by the coaching staff. A player’s past performances in practices, drills and games, along with their attitude, and the number of players on a team will all be assessed to determine playing time. If a player has a question about playing time, the player is to talk to the coach privately, in-person to discuss what they can do to get more playing time.

Grade Levels
If participating in a sport with a grade level schedule, every effort will be made to keep athletes on their grade level team. When participation numbers are insufficient to allow for separate 7th and 8th grade teams, per athletic conference rules, 7th grade athletes will become members of the 8th grade team.

Parent Behavior
We respectfully request that parents/guardians refrain from giving instructions during practices and games. Please realize the coaching staff will be instructing the athletes, so please don’t compete with the coaches for the athlete’s attention. Please be encouraging and cheer for all teams, but don’t yell instructions. In addition, please keep a respectful distance when attending practices. Please steer clear of bench areas, playing fields and immediate sideline areas.

Interactions with the Coach
If there is an issue to discuss with a coach:
1. Please encourage your child to speak directly with the coach.
2. Call to set up an appointment.
3. If the coach cannot be reached, call the athletic office to assist you in arranging a meeting.
4. Please DO NOT attempt to confront a coach before or after a contest or practice. These can be emotional times for both the parent and the coach. Meetings of this nature rarely promote resolution.
5. If the meeting with the coach did not provide a satisfactory resolution, call and set up an appointment with the athletic director to discuss the situation.