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Picture of Coaches Letter to Players

Coaches Letter to Players

Perkiomen Valley Freshman Football Information and Summer Schedule

Player Registration and Physicals
Fall Sport Registration will open on June 1st for the upcoming 2022 football season. Online registration and forms are due in the athletic office by 7/30/22. All physicals must be dated on or after 6/1/2022.
Register here:

Players will get a helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, practice pants (if needed), belt, and any pants pads that are needed. It is encouraged that every player has this before the first day of camp on 8/17. Players need to purchase their own girdles and cleats. It is encouraged that you purchase the 7 pocket or 5 pocket girdles with the integrated pads. The 7 pad girdle includes knee pads. Cleats are never worn in the high school!

Equipment will be handed out at the high school and dates/times will be announced.

Level of Play
All students in 9th through 12th grade are eligible to play on the Varsity/JV teams. Any freshman that wishes to be considered for JV/Varsity must attend heat acclimation and varsity camp. After evaluation a player will be designated a Freshman or JV/Varsity team player. Heat acclimation runs from 8/8-8/12 and is from 7am-11am. Attending heat acclimation is beneficial for all freshman players.

Freshman Camp
Freshman team practices begin on 8/15 and check in is at 6:30AM in the stadium field house. We will check in wearing shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers. After check in and conditioning we will change into cleats, helmet, shoulder pads and be on the field and in meetings until 11AM. Practice will be every week day.

Freshman Camp
8/15-8/19 6:30-11:00am
8/22--8/26 2:45-5:30 pm
There will not be practice on labor day.
We will practice every day we are in school and will also practice on 9/26, 10/5, 10/10, 10/12, 10/19.These days are scheduled days off from school or half days. If you observe one of the religious holidays you are excused from practice.
Typical Weekly in School Schedule for Freshman
Monday through Wednesday: Practice 2:45-5:15PM
Thursday: Game
Friday: Video/Review/Lift 2:45-4:30

We will practice Monday-Friday every week except Labor day.

Injuries, soreness, sprains, strains, bumps, and bruises are common throughout a football season. If you are suffering from any of the previous you see the athletic trainer at the school. They will provide you with care and come up with a treatment plan that may include seeing a doctor. The trainer will also let you, the coaches, and your parents know what you are limited or restricted from doing and clear you to resume practicing. Once you see a doctor, the only person that can clear you to play is a doctor. The majority of injuries we see during football are muscle soreness (strains), sprains, and bruises which are easily diagnosed by a professional trainer. If the trainer thinks you need further medical attention they will call a parent and discuss the steps that need to be taken in order to return to play.

If you are sent home from school by the nurse it is an excused absence from practice, she will email me that you are going home. If you are in school you are expected to be at practice. If you do not feel well we may sit you out of practice to watch.

Make sure you complete all assignments and study for quizzes and tests. If you need to see a teacher for help, set up an appointment with the teacher after school. If you are seeing a teacher after school notify a coach before you go to get help.

Playing Time
Playing time is earned and there are 3 different roles on every team.
Starter: Starts on offense/defense and at the freshman level is typically more physically and athletically developed.
Sub/Special Teams: Will sub in at times on offense/defense and possibly get in on special teams.

Developing: Will back up on offense/defense/special teams. Will have a position on a scout team and expected to practice and develop skills worked on in individuals and group practice. Typically less physically and athletically developed.

It is important to remember that all children develop at different rates and most of the players on the freshman team will be contributing on the field their senior year. This is a program and development through the program is important. We try our best to get every player game time throughout the season in situations where they can be successful.

Questions about playing time are not the responsibility of the parent, they are the responsibility of the player. Any questions about playing time should come from the player to their position coach. If they are still not satisfied the player can come to the head coach. The coaches see the players at practice every day for 2-3 hours and we evaluate everyone on a daily basis.

Other Sports
Many kids and parents ask me about workouts and open gyms for other sports and what they should do about missing workouts. Simple answer is that you are in football season and that is the sport that you are playing and have practice for daily. All coaches at the high school excuse athletes when they are participating in a sport. Also, all out of season workouts are optional and cannot be made mandatory according to the PIAA. If you participate in out of season workouts for other sports you risk overtraining and injury.

Whenever a player needs to contact me it should be done through HUDL which allows me to keep football and school related communications separate. Also, the player should be contacting me with issues as these boys are transitioning to young men. It is important that they learn how to communicate with adults in a professional manner. In order for players to get their HUDL account they can email me but after that everything will be through HUDL's messaging application.

All team communication will come from HUDL and every player will have an account. Information needed to set up a HUDL account.
Player Name:
Player or Parent Email:
Player Cell #
Player cell Carrier:

If a player is set up with a HUDL account and the account is linked to a parent email any communication sent by a coach will go to the parent via email and the student through cell phone text messaging.

If you know of any other players that are interested in coming out for Freshman Football have them email me their information for a HUDL account at We are extremely excited to get started and look forward to working with all the players. As East and West come together you will become brothers on the field and in the classroom. This is a special bond that begins now and will last your entire life.

Any further questions should be directed to

Coach Yanulevich