The Federal Court’s decision (2-7-2022) instructed the school district to follow phase 1 of its Health and Safety Transition Plan v3 final approved on January 2, 2022 by the Board of School Directors. Phase 1 (Masking – January 3-21) stipulates that masks are required when indoors in any of the District’s facilities during the school day. Additionally, this phase states that masks are strongly recommended after the school day while indoors. After the school day refers to during athletics, music ensembles, clubs, committee meetings, Community Education, spectating, etc. Masks continue to be optional when outdoors. 

Below are excerpts from the plan- Health and Safety Transition Plan v3 final.  To view the plan in its entirety: Health & Safety Transition Plan v3 final  (Approved January 2 2022, Revised February 8, 2022).