Drivers Education

Classroom Theory Offerings
In order to take our Behind-The-Wheel Training course, students must first provide a proof of purchase or complete a state-approved 30-hour theory course. 

Blue Bell Driving School offers a discount to PV residents ($70 for a 30-hour online course). Please register by clicking the link below  Blue Bell Enrollment Link

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The following providers have been approved by the state and are offered in Montgomery County, but do not offer discounts specific to PVSD residency. (Other discounts may be available through insurance companies or agreements to sign up for roadside assistance programs):
  • Cantors Driving School
  • Complete Auto Driving School
  • Driver Training Services
  • John’s Driving School
  • My Turn to Drive School
  • Petaccio’s Driving School
Behind-the-Wheel Training
PV Community Ed is proud to offer six hours of on-the-road driving which includes the Pennsylvania State Driver’s Test. Lessons are scheduled after school and Saturday mornings at Perkiomen Valley High School. To enroll in the course, students must have a valid PA permit, and must have proof of purchase or completed a state-approved 30-hour theory course. Proof of this must be provided when signing up for the Behind-the-Wheel course. Please complete the registration packet below to register. Call (610) 489-8506, ext. 1181 for additional information.

More information & registration form:
Behind-The-Wheel Driver Education Training 


Q. My child just got his/her driving permit. What should I do next?

A. Great! You should register for our Behind-the-Wheel program as soon as possible. The sooner we have your application, the sooner we can match your child up with an instructor that has availability to meet your scheduling needs. Please be advised that typically we schedule lessons to begin several weeks after we receive an application. It is rare for us to be able to schedule a student for lessons that start immediately.

Q. Why is there a waiting period before lessons can be scheduled?
A. There are several reasons why it takes us time to schedule students. We have a limited pool of instructors who have varying levels of availability and we only have two vehicles dedicated to driving lessons. In addition, we accept registrations on a rolling basis. All of these factors have an impact on how quickly we can schedule students. 

Q. But I forgot to submit my paperwork on time – isn’t there any way you can squeeze my child in?
A. We apologize, but we cannot make exceptions. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and it would not be fair to others if we rearranged schedules.

Q. Are there any requirements I need to be aware of before sending in my child’s registration form?
A. Yes. Your child must have a valid permit and have proof of purchase or completed a state-approved 30-hour theory course. He or she must also be 16 or older, and be currently enrolled in high school. 

Q. My child has started a 30-hour theory course. May I sign him/her up for Behind-The-Wheel lessons anyway?
A. Yes, your child may begin lessons while working on the 30-hour theory course. However, they cannot test until the 30-hour theory test is completed.  This is required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. 

Q. Where can I find a state-approved 30-hour theory course? 
A. We have listed several options here on this webpage (look to the column on the left). 

Q. How early can my child start a theory course?
A. Students can sign up to take theory courses at age 15. In fact, we recommend that students start taking the theory course at least three months in advance of the date he/she will get his/her permit, so that Behind-the-Wheel lessons can begin as soon as the theory course has been completed. 

Q. Can my child take PVSD’s Behind-the-Wheel course if he/she is not a PV student?
A. Yes, non PV students can take this course but the student must reside in the PV school district.

Q. What happens once you receive my child’s application?
A. When we receive an application, we first check it to make sure that all required components of the application have been included. If we do not have a copy of your child’s permit, proof of theory course completion, or payment, we will contact you for the missing information and your application will be placed on hold until we receive what is required. Once we have all the information, we will review what you have provided and assign your child to an instructor that has a schedule that best matches your child’s availability. The instructor will then reach out to you and your child via email or phone with suggested lesson dates and times. 

Q. How much does the course cost?
A. It costs $375. If it is a hardship to pay this amount upfront, you may call the Community Education Department to discuss paying by installment, or submit a request for financial aid

Q. Can I request a certain instructor?
A. Yes, but please be advised that your request may affect how quickly we are able to schedule your child for lessons.

Q. How long are the lessons and where do they take place?
A. Lessons are approximately an hour and will start and end in the student lot near the gymnasium steps of the high school. Driving routes are on-campus and throughout the Collegeville area to give students experience driving in residential areas, on highways, and in town. Parking is also practiced at various locations on campus. 

Q. What if my child misses a lesson?
A. If a scheduled appointment is missed, the student and instructor will reschedule at a mutually acceptable date/time. This may be after the original last lesson. 

Q. What about testing?
A. Testing takes place during the final lesson. Please note that we reserve the right to postpone testing if we cannot agree that a reasonable level of driving competency has been achieved. 

Q. What are the requirements for testing?
A. A student must: 

  • Meet the requirement of 65 hours of supervised skill building training – including 10 night-time hours and five poor-weather hours.
  • Complete the first five hours of Behind-the-Wheel training.
  • Be a competent driver.
  • Take the test on a day that is not a Sunday or a holiday.

Q. What if I feel my child needs more than 6 lessons?
A. You may schedule additional lessons at a rate of $60 an hour.